CES 2014: LG unveils Life Touch Band, earphones that monitor heart rate


LG’s CES presser might still be more than 12 hours away but that hasn’t stopped the Korean electronics giant from revealing what it has in store this year. As always, LG will have a battalion of television sets ranging from the biggest 3D TV to webOS TV to 21:9 4K models. What will grab eyeballs, however, would be its webOS running TV sets. LG has also revealed it will showcase the Life Touch Band and Heart Rate Earphones at the show.

The Life Touch Band is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, which is a good thing. Relatively inspired by the Nike FuelBand, it would be water resistant and can track the number of steps, distance travelled and number of calories burnt. It comes with a color display and can be woken up by touching it. LG says users will also be able to get incoming call notifications and control music playing on the phone from the Life Touch Band.

The Life Touch Band can also work in conjunction with the Heart Rate Earphones, which measures the heart rate by using optical sensors in the earphones that track blood flow rate in the ear. LG says it came up with the concept after studying that most people use earphones while they are working out.

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