CES 2014 Live: LG partners with Line Messenger to let users chat over SMS with their smart appliances


LG has kicked off CES 2014 by announcing the HomeChat app in partnership with Line messaging service. This app essentially lets users communicate with home appliances using their smartphones or tablets.

Compatible smart appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, or washing machine can be controlled via the HomeChat app on one’s mobile devices. LG is taking advantage of Line’s expertise in messaging to converse with these appliances. So essentially you could ask the fridge about the current status and it would text you back immediately. when you are at the grocery store, you can text the fridge to see what things you have and what things you need to buy. Users can also set schedules for the vacuum cleaner to start cleaning at set time periods and also text something like, “When was the last time you cleaned?” and it would answer with a text message. Similarly one will also be able to set washing cycles and preferred modes on a washing machine using the HomeChat app.

LG also revealed that they are working towards making every appliance at home controllable using the HomeChat app.