CES 2014 Live: Sony to launch an Ultra Short Throw Projector this summer for a ‘borderless environment’ with its Life space UX


In what was otherwise a snoozefest, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai today announced a new Life space UX his company is working on at his CES keynote address. The idea, which has been shown earlier by many companies as concepts, visualizes a borderless and frameless entertainment system that projects 4K images and real-time videos on your wall.

The only difference is Sony actually has a product, an Ultra Short Throw Projector it will launch this summer in the US. The projector will be able to project up to 177-inch 4K videos on to walls.

Sony is also working on a projector that can convert a dining table’s surface into a smart surface where users will be able to interact with virtual objects. Think about it as Microsoft’s surface but with a projector mounted above the table. Hirai says the projector has depth of field sensing algorithm that makes it work.

It sure does sound futuristic but it remains to be seen whether we are ready for that future, yet or not.

Image Credit: The Verge