ClearTrip app gets Passbook support

Passbook was one the headlining features of iOS 6, but for people outside the US, it mainly remained an useless feature because no apps were integrated into it. ClearTrip, the travel app, is now integrated with Apple’s Passbook, which makes Apple’s new feature a bit more useful especially for users in India. The travel booking site is now providing Passbook integration for air tickets and hotel reservations.

The ClearTrip app will provide location and time oriented Passbook notifications and all confirmation details will have a dedicated Passbook file in addition to a PDF. ClearTrip is not only introducing Passbook support, as on Android the app will also be compatible with apps like PassWallet.

However, Indian airports still don’t support electronic boarding passes though plans are afoot to at least allow passengers to enter the airport with tickets on their phones, tablets or laptops rather than insisting on a paper copy.

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