Confirmed: Apple to replace first-gen faulty iPod Nano in India too

Apple has confirmed to BGR India that its first-gen iPod Nano replacement drive is applicable in India too. Apple had last week found that some units of iPod Nano manufactured between September 2005 and December 2006 were fitted with a faulty battery, which might develop overheating problem over a long period of time and pose a risk to users. Apple has also confirmed to us it will replace faulty units with first-gen iPod Nano only and not the latest one as many users had hoped. Apple still having enough stocks of a product manufactured five years ago actually goes against their ‘tightly controlled inventory’ stories we have all heard in the past few years.Hit the break to continue reading.

In all probability, Apple does not expect too many people to still use a five-year-old product and would probably be hoping not many will turn up for replacement. It could even be a ploy to ensure only those still using the oldest iPod Nano come up for replacement and not just anyone who might use it as an opportunity to bag the latest version for free. Anyway, users in India can check here if their iPod Nano is covered under this replacement drive here and then head over to their nearest Apple service centre by checking here.

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  • saiba

    Hi rajat!

    Even though the article says India is eligible, there is no option for India in the drop down for countries. Is it possible to ask your sources about the same?

    Much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Rajat Agrawal

      Please check the list of service centres from the second link in the article. Please visit the one nearest to you.