Dell’s first Windows 8 tablet leaked

This might not come as a surprise as Windows 8 is scheduled to hit the market later this year, but if any how Dell is reportedly planning a Windows 8 tablet according to

The boys at happened to get their hands on an internal Dell slide which suggests a Windows 8 tablet running a 10.8 inch tablet, 1366×768 resolution, dual core Atom processor, fingerprint reader, Intel graphics (x86 tablet), 2 GB of RAM, and 128 GB SSD.Furthermore, the device is expected to have two different batteries – one with 6-8 hours of charge and a larger battery with 10-12 hours of battery life.

We could also perhaps be looking at a hybrid/convertible design in which the keyboard would housing a larger battery. Of course, this is just one leak, but we are totally expecting a legion of these devices and earlier in the year Lenovo gave us a sneak peak at what the future holds for Windows, with its Yoga hybrid at CES.


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