Desi Chromecast, Teewe, goes up for pre-order on Snapdeal for Rs 1,999


Teewe, an alternative to Google’s popular $35 TV dongle, is now up on pre-order on Snapdeal. Priced at Rs 1,999, Teewe offers similar functionality as Chromecast, which hasn’t been officially launched in India, yet. Google’s Chromecast dongle essentially enables universal streaming of web content from any device to one’s TV. MangoMan Consumer Electronics, the Bangalore-based company behind Teewe, claims to offer similar functions as Google’s Chromecast, with additional features that are more suited for the Indian audience. It has been listed for pre-orders exclusively on Snapdeal for Rs 1,999, whereas Google’s Chromecast is listed on the same e-commerce site for Rs 3,150, though it is most likely to be an unofficial import.

As far as the specifications go, Teewe has a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 1.5GHz ARM processor and 1GB of DDR 3 RAM. It works with any TV that has a HDMI Port and needs Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connection to stream.

Just like the Chromecast, Teewe hooks directly into a TV’s HDMI jack and connects to the closest in-home wireless network. Similarly, it utilizes an app-based remote control (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows) to launch locally-stored files and run web content.

The ‘desi’ Chromecast notches it up a bit with few features that are specifically made for the Indian audience:
1. The Teewe app organises all your media (online and phone) to make it available on a single screen.
2. It aggregates and curates data from online sources in the app unlike Chromecast where you have to use multiple apps to find web content. For example, the app curates Indian TV shows season by season.

The Teewe app lets you play your photos and media stored on your phone onto the TV screen. The company claims it is also working on planning to do tie-ups to bring live sport events on their app. Teewe goes on sale on September 6 and the company has started taking pre-orders on Snapdeal as well as its official website.

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  • Lalit Mohan

    Thanks for the coverage.We are humbled by the tremendous response and would be happy answering any questions readers of the site might have about the product.

    • Kasyap90

      Awesome to see you taking the time out to respond here. A quick question. If I preorder on snapdeal today, when can I expect the shipping to reach me? Before september 8-10? Is the launch date of September 6th keyed in?

      • Shubh Malhotra

        Yes, We will be kickstarting shipping somewhere between 6th-10th. So you will receive it by that time

  • Mitzz

    Why do Indian IT genius just rip off everything that west are offering, we got brilliant minds and great talent, why wasting in copying?

    • Guest

      By that logic, why Indian car manufacturers are making cars that were invented and pioneered in the west? If Apple made the smartphone first, then why are Samsung even bothering? Dumb people have dumb logic.