Despite Gorilla Glass 5, here's why you should definitely buy a case for Samsung Galaxy S8

It’s not clear how, and from what height the Samsung Galaxy S8 fell, but this looks bad!


Since its launch, the most common adjective used for the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been ‘stunning’ or ‘beautiful’, and that’s for most reason is because of its gorgeous glass body. However, despite the fact that Samsung uses Gorilla Glass 5 on either sides to protect the body from scratches and easy cracks, turns out the device is still cracking and shattering. Well, such is glass.

In a post by Android Central, a Galaxy S8 user shared some brutal photos of a new Galaxy S8 with an extensive network of cracks after a fall. It’s not clear how the phone was dropped, nor from how high, but there are three clear points of impact that spider out to the center of the back. It’s quite a sight to behold, actually.

“Bought the Samsung S8 and unfortunately dropped it the first day and it shattered like glass. I cannot believe Samsung is doing this to us. The screen is gorilla glass which is great then they have the nerve to charge 600-800+ for a phone made of something so fragile. Where I bought it they did not have a case for it. I say buy a case first then the phone,” wrote jfreeusa. DON’T MISS: Samsung Galaxy S8 review: A combination of beauty, beast and near-perfection!

While you could totally think of this as a one off incident and continue to use your device without a case, do remember that a physical damage wouldn’t be addressed by Samsung in its after sales services. So it’s nothing but wise to just keep it safe in a sturdy case.

However, in contrast to this user’s experience, famous YouTuber JerryRig Everything, in his extensive durability test, found some opposite results. The approximately 8-minute long video features the Galaxy S8 go through scratch tests followed by burn test, and a bend test. Interestingly, the otherwise fragile looking display on the thin-bezel designed smartphone survives the test and scratches at level 6. This is pretty much the standard for most of the flagship smartphone, noted Zack during the test. ALSO READ: A Samsung Galaxy S8 wrapped under fidget spinners is dropped from a drone, because why not

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  • Published Date: May 29, 2017 3:08 PM IST