> > Development for open source OS X browser Camino ends

Development for open source OS X browser Camino ends


After 10 years of toil against Safari, the development for open source web browser Camino has ended. The developers behind Camino said in a blog that they felt the browser had fallen behind modern browsers like Safari, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and further development of the browser could cause security issues for users.

Camino never attained critical mass in terms of market share and always trailed the stock OS X browser, Safari.  It was one of the first browsers to adopt the aesthetics of OS X, but now this seems like the end of an era. The developers behind the browser released the last update for the browser back in March.

Over the past few years, Google’s Chrome has emerged as the definitive web browser and only last year it even crossed Internet Explorer in marketshare, which comes preloaded on Windows.