Did Apple ever stop manufacturing the iPhone 4?


A news report from Economic Times earlier this week claimed that Apple had restarted the manufacturing of the iPhone 4 specifically to cater to India, Indonesia and Brazil. While the report itself touched upon why Apple was forced to do it – in order to compete with Samsung Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Mini smartphones as well as “recoup market share that had slumped,” it also emphasized on how “the resumption of iPhone 4 production is a sign that the India team is being taken seriously by CEO Tim Cook.” This is all a steamy, stinking pile of bullshit!

The thing is that Apple never really stopped the production of the iPhone 4. While the volumes might not be as high as that of the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and even the iPhone 4S, it is being manufactured nevertheless. The iPhone 4 still plays a critical role in various markets apart from major ones like USA and Western Europe, which are usually in front of the media.

So you can still find the iPhone 4 being displayed and sold on the official Apple online store for China and Brazil. You can spot the iPhone 4 still selling on carriers like Vodafone in Egypt and T-Mobile in the US (currently out of stock but not discontinued). And these are just some of the cases we found in under 30 minutes. For what it’s worth, sales of the iPhone 4 was never discontinued in Brazil and China.

BGR India learns from multiple sources that Apple never stopped producing the iPhone 4. Yes, the production was brought down significantly but never stopped completely. It is still a great entry-level iPhone for carriers in certain markets to offer it for free with lower monthly commitment. In some other countries, it still is Apple’s most affordable iPhone and was never discontinued even after the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were announced because the iPhone 4 still had a place in that particular market dynamics. In all probability, Apple thinks that India fits in its criteria of countries where the iPhone 4 could still offer good value to users. The premise that Apple restarted production for just three countries certainly does not seem to be the case.

I know most of the comments here would still be about Apple dumping the iPhone 4 in India. But the suggestion that Apple restarted the production of the iPhone 4 just for three countries would also suggest that Apple expects the iPhone 4 to sell in significantly high numbers to restart the production line for a product it had discontinued. And that certainly is not the case.

And just for the record, my stance has always been that the iPhone 4 is not a good buy at Rs 22,000.

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