Earth Day 2014: Tim Cook advertises green power and environment friendly products in new Apple “Better” video


On Earth Day 2014, Apple has released a video called “Better”, which talks about the various green initiatives taken up by the Cupertino-based company. The near two minute video is narrated by CEO Tim Cook.

Cook talks about the various steps taken by Apple to reduce its carbon footprint as well as increasing the use of renewable energy. As an example he talks about the company’s data centers being powered by wind and solar energy. He also talks about how the company has been extensively using recycled materials to build its devices as well as make the packaging of each product smaller and smarter.

The tone of the video is not celebratory, and in fact more on the lines of how it is a continuous process. Cook ends the video by saying, “Now more than ever we will work to leave the world better than we found it.”

Earlier today, Google too kicked off the Earth Day celebrations by putting up an animated doodle on its homepage.

It is not common for Apple’s higher-ups to act as narrators for an Apple ad, but it isn’t the first time either. Back in 1997, Steve Jobs narrated Apple’s “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” advertisement, which was a part of the company’s “Think Different” campaign. Unlike Cook though, Job’s narrated never made it to air.

Checkout the two minute Apple “Better” video below, followed by Steve Job’s “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” ad.

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