Facebook’s Android app reportedly stores your phone numbers without permission


In what is bound to come as a shock to many concerned with their privacy, Symantec found that Facebook has been storing the phone numbers of its Android app users without their permission. The app stored the phone numbers of every user who launched the app, irrespective of whether they had a Facebook account or not.

Just the act of launching the Android app was enough for the bug to get access to one’s phone number and store them on the Facebook servers. Since Symantec revealed the bug, the social media giant has confirmed the bug to ReadWrite, but also mentioned that it has since deleted all the numbers on the servers.

The bug has since been fixed, but is only available on the beta app, which Facebook opened up for users and developers alike to access to the latest features before they are publicly rolled out. Interestingly, a recent bug on the social network revealed private information of more than 6 million users, but Facebook has confirmed that it is not the same bug.