Facebook 3.3 now available for BlackBerry smartphones with BBM integration

BlackBerry users have had an unfortunate distinction of using a crippled Facebook app, that just cannot stand toe-to-toe with Android and iOS variants of the app. Thankfully, a new version of the app has been released that brings a number of new features that are exclusive to BlackBerry smartphones and also a number of UI refinements that make it more usable.

Perhaps the biggest feature in the new app is BBM integration, so BBM users can initiate BBM chats from right within the Facebook app. From the app users also easily share their BBM pins and by taping on the BBM icon users can invite contacts to become a BBM contact.

Users can also now un-friend people right from the app, rather than having to go to the desktop. Even the Photo experience has been retooled. It not only supports higher resolution images, but the interface is also faster. Additionally, a thumbnail view is also enabled.

And finally, the core UI of the app has been refreshed with newer icons for navigation and status publisher that will make access of the social features more easy. The app can be downloaded from the BlackBerry App world for free.

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