Facebook Messenger App now available for BlackBerry devices

The Facebook Messenger App has finally made a debut on the BlackBerry devices. The app which was earlier available for iPhone and Android platform, allows users to directly send messages to their buddies in real time. You don’t have to go through the entire process of first launching the main Facebook app and then look for friends whom you gotta send the message. The Facebook Messenger App for BlackBerry comes with new features and the existing version of the app for iPhone and Android has also gotten updated. You’d now be able to see who’s online and can also share an image/location with your friends through the new mapping feature. Users can see who’s typing via the typing indicator just the way you see on other messaging apps like GTalk, WhatsApp etc. The update has also added support for 22 new languages for Android platform and 12 new languages for the iPhone. Hit here to get the app.

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