Facebook Messenger for Android update to integrate phonebook contacts with Facebook friends

Facebook testing new app

Starting from today, Facebook is rolling out a new Messenger app for select Android users, which carries a fresh look, new messenger icon and now also integrates phone numbers to enhance user experience on mobile devices.

Facebook Messenger users on Android will be able to send messages to those people who are there in their mobile phonebook list but are not friends on Facebook. The app will integrate these contact numbers and will let a user send messages via Messenger. A user will however first be asked to confirm their phone number, before they can use this feature.

Besides, this the app will don a new look with easily accessible tap-based interface on the top of the app. A user can now simply swipe left or right to see recent conversations, list of frequent contacts and settings.

With these new feature additions, Facebook is trying its best to compete against the other third party messenger apps like WhatsApp, Line, Hike and now even BBM. These are not only highly popular amongst the users but also are relatively easier to use and offer a better and interactive interface.

Earlier today, even Google announced some new tweaks in its Hangout interface. Earlier, Twitter was also reported to be testing a WhatsApp-like direct messaging app, which will further intensify competition in the mobile messaging space.