Facebook offers Rs 50 talktime for every new user in India from mobile

In its bid to get more Indian users on its network, Facebook has silently rolled out a program that gives Rs 50 worth of talktime to every new user who signs up using a mobile phone. First spotted by Plugged.in, users have to go to m.facebook.com/tt and register from there to get the free talktime. However, one can simply go to m.facebook.com and sign up from there as well, but one won’t get the free talktime. This offer is only for new sign ups and is not available to existing users. However, users can refer others to join Facebook and will receive Rs 50 if they join.

Facebook crossed 1 billion monthly active users mark last month and is unlikely to see subscriber growth in developed countries, where it has hit saturation levels. Its best bet is from countries like Brazil, India, Indonesia and Mexico. Already, almost 60 percent of Facebook users access the network from their mobile devices and India ranks among the highest mobile users. With the second largest mobile market and new growth coming from people whose first brush with the Internet is on a mobile phone than a PC, it is a smart move by Facebook to entice new users to join.


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