Facebook releases Bug Bounty report; India reported largest number of valid bugs in 2013


If you see anything wrong with Facebook and report the bug to the team running Facebook, they not just reward you but if the concern is serious enough, they try to get their first response to the problem in about six hours. It’s called Bug Bounty, and Facebook has been generous to those who submit reports about bugs present on the website. According to a report shared by Facebook, a total of 14,763 submissions were made in 2013, out of which 687 were found to be valid. India reported a total of 136 bugs, bagging an average reward of $1,353 per bug.

A total of $1.5million was paid to researchers in 2013, with the largest payout ($33,500) being made to Reginaldo Silva for reporting about an XML External Entities Attack, while Russia earned the highest amount for each bug report at $3,961 per bug. Now, a new Support Dashboard is created to help the researches submit (and view the status of) bug reports. Facebook also say that bounty for high-impact issues will be increased, and Facebook’s other properties: Instagram, Parse, Atlas, and Onavo are in scope.

So if you find anything on Facebook or any of the above mentioned apps that looks odd and doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to be, report it to Facebook.

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