Facebook reportedly working on a Flipboard-like app called Reader


It’s no secret that Facebook is continuously trying to come up with ways for its 1.1 billion-odd users to spend more time on the social network. It introduced Facebook Home earlier this year so users could get updates even without unlocking their phones and also revamped the News Feed to provide updates in a more streamlined manner. Now, the social media giant is said to be working on a new app called ‘Reader’ that displays relevant content to its users on mobile devices in a Flipboard-esque manner, WSJ reports.

Reader is said to aggregate news on relevant topic and offer it to users in a magazine format not unlike what Flipboard does. The feature will be available on smartphones and tablets and will let users flip or swipe through multiple stories. Facebook is said to have been working on this feature for the last year or so with Mark Zuckerberg taking keen interest in the project, but there’s no word on when it plans to finally unveil it.

Facebook has been recently introducing new features like verified profiles, hashtags and also introduced Video on Instagram as it tries to keep the social network fresh and happening. It has also steadily shifted its focus to the mobile platform as more users are accessing the social network on their mobile devices than traditional computers these days.