Facebook reportedly working on a Mobile location-tracking app

Facebook doesn’t seem to be content at just knowing who your friends are, what you’re doing or where you hangout. It now wants to know where you are 24/7 according to a report by Bloomberg. The report cites anonymous sources to state that the social media giant is reportedly working on a mobile location-tracking app.

Facebook currently tracks the location of a user through check-ins and geo-tagged posts. But what this new app would do is keep running in the background and allow users to find nearby friends. The idea seems to work on the lines of Apple’s Find My Friends and Math Camp Inc.’s Highlight; both constantly track user locations to help them find friends or places of interest.

The report further says that the app team behind the development of this app is headed by mobile product manager Peter Deng, and includes members of Gowalla, a location-sharing app that was bought by Facebook in 2011. There is currently no official word on a launch time frame, but it is expected to be scheduled for a launch around March.