Facebook sends out invites for its ‘Home on Android’ could be a forked HTC Android smartphone

Many people have predicted that Facebook will end up building a phone of its own, but repeatedly the company denied any such rumors and said that it would not be the right move for the company. Today, the company has taken an ‘U’ turn of sorts as it has sent out invites for an event at its headquarters for scheduled for April 4 on which says ‘Come see our new home on Android’.

Interestingly, TechCrunch is reporting that the device will be built by HTC and it will be Facebook’s take on Android that will embed all sorts of integration with the social network and its other properties.

Apparently, the project might be called Facebook Home, and there will be a Facebook centric homescreen experience that will sort of deliver detailed information from the social network, more intuitively than any other app.

This way Facebook will also gather more data on its users as the device will have deeper integration with the service.

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