Facebook’s April 4 announcement will bring Facebook to Android homescreens: WSJ

Ever since Facebook sent out a cryptic invite for its ‘Home on Android’ event, netizens around the globe have been trying to figure out just what the social media giant is likely to reveal on April 4. According to a report on WSJ, Facebook is currently in talks with phone manufacturers to develop software which will display content from users’ Facebook accounts right on a phone’s home screen.

In a move that will make users spend more time on the social networking site and also boost ad revenues, Facebook is trying to capture the most prominent space on a smartphone— the homescreen. Its aim is to display messages and news feed from a Facebook profile right on the homescreen as soon as a user switches on the phone.

Facebook is expected to first offer this feature on the rumored Facebook phone, which is under development in collaboration with HTC. It will then make it available for other manufacturers too who will have to make a slight tweak to the Android OS to allow Facebook app to take over the device’s homescreen. Unlike earlier assumptions, the OS tweak won’t break Google’s teams of usage and it won’t be a forked version of Android and will come with all Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Play among others.