Facebook’s user base in India grew 81 percent last year with 71 million monthly active users

Facebook has revealed it has 71 million monthly active users from India out of its 1.06 billion monthly active users worldwide. While the social networking site’s worldwide user base grew 25 percent between December 2011 and December 2012, its India user base grew by a staggering 81 percent during the same period. Facebook noted that there was growth in the daily average users in India, Brazil and Japan. This was mostly driven by its mobile products.

Notably, Facebook points out some limitations of the data its making public. It notes there could multiple Facebook users who maintain duplicate accounts and at least 5 percent of these account for the total monthly active users. That said, it says that these duplicate accounts were higher in developed markets like the United States and the problem was not as bad in developing countries like India.

Facebook’s growth in developed markets was not as fast paced as it was in developing markets. For instance as of December 2012 it has 174 million month active users in the US and represented just an increase of 8 percent from December 2011.

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