Father’s Day 2014: Google Glass ad focuses on the father-kid relationship [video]


Google has released a new ad for its Glass that celebrates the relationship between fathers and their kids. The ad called ‘Through Glass’ has the tagline, “Dads make the world go round’, and shows fathers playing with their kids through Google Glass.

The 30 seconds video shows fathers swirling their kids and the video has been shot using a Google Glass. So essentially you see the kids from the father’s perspective. The human element in the ad is likely to take the focus away from all the negative publicity Google’s wearable device has been getting recently.

Aside from privacy concerns, there have been reports some restaurants and bars in the US not entertaining customers wearing the device, and earlier this year a movie goer was interrogated for wearing the Glass to the theater. The device has also become infamous for attracting muggers as well as anti-Glass campaigners.

Google’s promotional stunts for the Glass include Roger Federer wearing the Glass while playing Tennis. An amateur filmmaker also used the Glass to shoot a short movie for Mother’s Day last month.

Check out the Father’s Day ad embedded below.

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