> > First details of Jonathan Ive’s ‘flatter’ iOS 7 leak online

First details of Jonathan Ive’s ‘flatter’ iOS 7 leak online

With Apple’s industrial designer, Jonathan Ive having taken the responsibility of designing iOS 7, reports doing the rounds on the Internet say that the upcoming OS will sport a flatter design bordering on minimalistic. The folks at 9To5Mac have now confirmed from multiple sources that iOS 7 will indeed be different to the current OS in terms of design and functionality to some extent.

Since the ouster of Scott Forstall from Apple back in October, the teams in charge of designing iOS 7 under Ive have been rumored to take a different design path by totally giving up on the gloss, shine, and skeuomorphism seen in the previous-generation OS. According to the report this new design philosophy is “very very flat” with importance given to ‘glance-able’ information on the UI.

The sources have further revealed that Apple is reportedly working on a new set of icons for Apple’s native apps and is also likely to introduce newly designed tool bars and implement new panels with swipes from the left and the right of the screen, much like how the Notification Center currently drops from above.

Lastly, the report also adds that though the new design philosophy is taking the youth into consideration and making the OS even simpler, there will be no learning curve to use iOS 7. While the iOS 7 on the whole will look quite different from the current-gen OS, its core apps and system tools will mostly operate in a similar fashion to how they do today.