First Impressions: Sony PlayStation Vita

First Impressions: Sony PlayStation Vita
First Impressions: Sony PlayStation Vita

So it’s a Sunday, and I am roaming around in Dilli Haat where the second edition of Comic Con India is being hosted, and I am hunting for a collectors edition of Superman #1, and the next thing I see is a FlipKart stall with a promotional unit of the PlayStation Vita, which hits Indian shores tomorrow. Of course, I ended up doing what I do best, analyzing consumer electronics, in this case being perhaps the most talked about gaming product of the year. Read on for my first impressions.

Firstly, I played around with the Vita for just about 10 minutes, so this in no way an in-depth review, it’s just my first impressions of the device.  The device I got my crummy hands on was the Wi-Fi only version and it had a copy of Fifa 2012 running. Considering that I have had a heavy dose of Fifa 2012 on the PlayStation 3, there couldn’t have been a better game to try out. Perhaps the most prominent aspect of the Vita is its large 5-inch multi-touch OLED display, and boy it’s glorious. I will not go into the nitty-gritties of pixel density, but suffice to say it is right up there with the likes of the Super AMOLED HD displays donned by the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Nexus.

Coming to the graphical chops of the Vita, make no mistake; this is a PlayStation 3 in your pocket. The quality of the graphics on Fifa 2012 on the Vita comparable is to the experience on the PS3 albeit with a few missing features, but that’s it. For most this will be comfortably equate to a full Fifa experience, not a diluted one. The same can be expected of other games like Uncharted.

Even control scheme wise the game was very similar to its counterpart on the PlayStation 3. The controls on the whole felt pretty comfortable even for a person like me with small hands. Though I do believe there will be naysayers about the form factor as the controls do seem to be a tad too well spread out giving the PS Vita a pretty large footprint. Crucially for Sony, the Vita is not much larger than either the original PlayStation Portable or even the PSP Go, so the PSP faithful will be right at home.

Apart from this I did not get to test a lot, including the somewhat mysterious back track-pad, which has been shown in action in tandem with Uncharted.

On the whole, I was really very impressed with the Vita in the 10 minutes I spent with it, though Sony will really need to pull off an marketing miracle in India if it has to be success as firstly the Wi-Fi unit itself is going to priced in excess of Rs 19,000 – critically a price point higher than the PlayStation 3 and secondly with the increasing graphical capabilities of tablets and smartphones, there is a high possibility that the Vita’s firepower will be eclipsed sooner than later. Another critical aspect would be the availability of games, especially at a time when users get great games for iOS devices at under $10. For the PlayStation Vita, it will be at least two to four times higher.

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  • Yo dude

    Nice article, i’m really looking forward to getting the vita
    btw the game is called fifa football not fifa 12 because it’s based on fifa 11
    also then psn has many games for under $10 such as motorstorm rc and super stardust delta which are pretty good titles. and motorstorm rc has cross play so if you buy it for the vita you get the ps3 version free.

    although it is true that smartphones are quickly going to get more powerful than the vita and even bigger screens(such as note 2), but they will never have physical buttons or games like uncharted/modnation racers/littlebigplanet/WipEout etc. because these are sony exclusives and also require physical buttons.

  • NotAgain

    Once again, the Indian market is being given step-motherly treatment. When the Vita is selling for not more than Rs.15000 for the 3G+WiFi version in the US, why is the WiFi-only version being sold for Rs.19000 here?!! And Rs.24000+ for the 3G+WiFi version? I thought the Vita was Sony’s brave attempt to maintain its position in the gaming console market. But with such prices in such an important market (yes, countries like India are seen only as markets by these giants), I doubt how Sony will be able to make th Vita popular here…

  • Al D’pro

    One of the main features that the Vita lacks is the Video/HDMI output….
    But still, have already pre-ordered mine.

  • Donald

    I’m guessing you don’t own a 3DS or at least don’t like oot and star fox 64 rmaeke in 3d or the future other titles coming out for it. I actually really like it, sorry if you feel otherwise. You also might have skipped a bit of my original post, I never said I wouldn’t get the Vita buddy calm down there. Instead of having it paid off and ready to pick up I’ll simply just go into te store and get one. I can easily get the money to buy it as both my family and in-laws send me each a $100 every brthday of mine , which is this January 1st. I can easily get the rest of the money just fine especially since I’ll be grabbing my vita on Amazon with my game trade in credits. I’m happy that release date has been set and now can grab it like the rest of you. I was expecting the Vita to not come out until Summer but this is a welcome surprise excited like the rest of you guys. Don’t get anry though we are all gamers here. I just like to won certain electronics later than others the Vita just might not be bought by me right away is what I was stating above Sorry for the confusion VN:R_U [1.9.10_1130]Please log in to rate this commentVN:R_U [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)