First Ubuntu smartphones to debut in 2014


First Ubuntu Linux OS-based smartphones are reportedly set for a rollout this year. Chinese phone makers, BQ and Meizu, would manufacture smartphones based on a mobile version of Canonical”s Ubuntu Linux operating system.

According to TechHive, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth hinted that the BQ phone would have dual-SIM slots and the Meizu phone would match Ubuntu with Android on a dual-boot system. Canonical had first announced plans for an Ubuntu mobile OS at the beginning of 2013 and despite a crowd-funding project for high-end concept phone, Ubuntu Edge garnered more than 1 million dollars, enthusiasm quickly tailed off and the campaign raised just under 13 million dollars. Shuttleworth said that Ubuntu was looking to become the No. 3 platform in the industry, ahead of Microsoft’s Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS. He believes a key to gaining market share would be convergence, the fusing of desktop and mobile platforms, so computing done on one is immediately available through apps on the other. The company would also focus on growing the number of apps available for the Ubuntu phone platform, the report added.

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