Five reasons why Windows Phone 8 doesn’t work for me [it's not the lack of apps]

Five reasons why Windows Phone 8 doesn’t work for me [it's not the lack of apps]
Five reasons why Windows Phone 8 doesn’t work for me [it's not the lack of apps]

When Microsoft first announced Windows Phone 8 late last year, it seemed to tick all the right boxes. It supported multitasking, it was finally compatible with multi-core processors, microSD card slots and everything users wanted to hear in terms of hardware support. Microsoft even added a ‘Kid’s Corner’ that allowed users to create a zone for their kids to play with their device without giving them access to everything. Yet, Windows Phone 8 is far from what I was expecting. After using a Windows Phone 8 smartphone for almost a month, I have realized that Windows Phone 8 is just not the right smartphone OS for me. It is not just the apps situation, which in my books is graver than what Microsoft likes to believe it is. It is a combination of many tiny UI irregularities that might seem inconsequential but become irritating if you have to go through them on a daily basis.

The first thing that impresses everyone is the fluid UI on Windows Phone 8 and its live tiles. I have been using the Lumia 920 and almost everyone who’s seen the phone is immediately drawn to its UI. The homescreen and the live tiles based UI is a masterstroke and Microsoft has done a brilliant job with it. For me, however, that’s where the good stuff ends.

Internet Explorer: I won’t go into details here but there is no ‘forward’ button. You just cannot press a button to go to the page you were on before you hit the back button. There is no back button in IE either but the system-wide back button works. You might say it is not a biggie but if you browse the Internet a lot, it gets irritating after a while. How can you not have back and forward buttons on a web browser? That too on IE, which till a few years ago had a monopoly in this space?

Battery/Network notification: You might think I’m nitpicking here but I do want my phone to show me the battery and network bar at all times. Whenever I have the display on I want to know what’s the network strength and the amount of battery left. Once I didn’t realize I had poor network connectivity in the room and started playing a game on the phone while I waited for a call. I had a zillion missed call notifications as soon as exited the building. I would have noticed the network issue had the phone showed me I was in a low-signal area. In another instance, the phone died on me while I was on a flight because I could not see how low the battery was and continued to play music till the phone gave me a 30-minute ultimatum to either charge it or else… Yes, I want to see the battery and network status at all times and not having to do it manually by swiping the top bar down.

Screen lock: I tend to keep a screen lock password on my phones. It is quite normal to use the power button to manually switch off the display after using the phone to immediately enforce the password lock. On Windows Phone 8 too there is an option that makes the phone ask for a password each time the screen is turned on but it enforces the password lock on the Kid’s corner too, which defeats the whole purpose of having a Kid’s Corner. If I had to give kids the password to my phone, why would they remain in the Kid’s Corner, eh?

Music Player: Windows Phone has the best music player app across all smartphone platforms. It gives artist information, recommendations, galleries and just about everything. Pretty cool, eh? It is. So I was scrolling through all my songs and played one. While it was playing I went back to my songs list. Big mistake. You see there is no way to go ‘forward’ to the ‘now playing’ menu without going out to the very first screen of the music player app and then swiping through screens with one that has a small thumbnail of the track playing. Then if you have to go back to check all the songs, you go back to the main screen, select the songs option and repeat. Yes, I would eventually get used to it but why should I add another step (or two) to a usual one-step process?

Notifications: I can still live with everything above (though you will have to live with me cribbing all the time), one thing I just cannot live without is a unified notification center. Yes, Windows Phone 8 has ‘toast’ notifications but it is too dry to eat with no butter or marmalade. These notifications come for a few seconds and disappear. After that you have to search every live tile to see which app had the notification that drives me nuts. The notification bar has existed on Android since day one, much earlier than when Microsoft started working on Windows Phone 8. It has almost become a standard and I’d like to know why Microsoft has decided to not implement it. I understand they don’t want to look like another me-too platform but at times, for the sake of the user’s sanity, you have to provide things that a user understands and uses.

And I haven’t even started on the apps situation. Microsoft might give out numbers regularly but there are not that many usable apps in the store. And let’s not talk about the search button that is omnipresent on every Windows Phone device. I have used almost every Windows Phone device available in the market at the moment and I have always ended hitting the search key accidentally that takes me to Bing. And even in cases where I have pressed it intentionally, it has been to search within an app rather than, er, Bing-ing. I wish the search button was more contextual aware. Same is the case with the back button that takes you through entire apps that you have been through. Why can’t it just take me a few steps back from the current app and then come the home screen than going into another app? It is not as if a user will remember the sequence in which they opened apps and use the back button to reach the relevant one. I for one, mostly use the back button to exit an app and would like to see the homescreen.

This is not to say that there is nothing good with Windows Phone 8 and I’m sure many of you using it actually love it. However, it doesn’t work for me and I’m unwilling to make all the compromises that the platform asks me to and I’m not the only one. And that’s a pity as devices like the Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8X by HTC are great pieces of hardware and design and it is nothing but Windows Phone 8 that stops me recommending these devices over other Android smartphones. Read any review of these two phones and most of them will end with an if – if you can live with Windows Phone 8 then it is a great smartphone. Unfortunately, I tried and I cannot live with Windows Phone 8. Not till the time I have devices running on iOS and Android to choose from or Microsoft ups its game.

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  • Sidhant Pundhir

    Thanks for making us aware of actual issues with wp8!. I was thinking of changing to wp8 but now with these issues coming up, i’ll choose to skip the attraction of tile and fluid UI.

    • Pal

      I would advise you to give it a try anyways. I too ran into similar problems when I switched from my droid 2 to an HTC 8X. But it just took time to get used to the new Operating System as with anything else. I can honestly say I love my WP8 and if it’s not for you then it’s not for you.

    • R Warder

      None of these are even issues.

      Most of these are distinct advantages… the fact that you have a Back button which massively speeds up navigation, the fact that you have a kids corner to limit what your children can do, the fact that even you say the phone has the best music player.

      Most of these items are benefits over other phones.

      Read other peoples more detailed feedback below.

  • Mayur

    Thanx for all such information……

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Good article. I was unable to use WP7.5 past a month for similar small irregularities, not to mention multitasking sucked back then (and isn’t to my liking even on WP8 or iOS as I like true multitasking like Android or Symbian). WP is a nice OS, fluid and fast (though app loading was slow on WP7.5), but there just quite a few niggles, probably due to the OS being new, that keep me away. No notification center is another big problem, and with actionable notifications on Jelly Bean now, makes it even harder to move to an OS that doesn’t have them.

    But again, some good points!

  • chetan

    these issues are known to ms ,next update might keep issues away its new jus 3 months old so next iteration ll wipe these issues

  • Michael

    I have been using an Lumia 822 (Verizon) and have been loving it. I come from using 3 different android devises. I must say that it has been a pleasant suprise to use Windows Phone after using android for so long. Both my wife and I have had nothing but a long series of frustration with Android. Phone lock ups, reboots, and the like. I find it crazy that many praise Android dispite its many stablitiy problems and then nitpick at Windows Phone. While I agree that a unified notification center would be nice I do not feel this is a “problem” that would cause me to go back to Android after my experience with its problems. As for the other “problems” noted by the author, I do not see them as problems, just different than what many are used to. For me the differeence is refreshing. Windows Phone is differnet, sure. Better than Android for me?…You bet!

  • nikhil

    M enjoying it on windows phone 8 more than android , lot more

  • Rodney

    Windowsphone 8 is great! Don’t listen to this guy!!

    He obviously doesn’t know how to use his phone.. Pretty much all of the things he mentions bad about WP8 are not true at all, and if used correctly are no problem.. This OS is extremely simple to use which makes me question the competence of Rajat’s tech skills. I think he confuses the fact that WP is a original OS, not a copy of iOS or Android, and says “hey this is not what I’m used to so it’s not good” this is such a closed minded viewpoint it’s ridiculous..

    1. IE? Are you serious? The system back button is what’s used to go back. The author doesn’t understand clean, and modern design. WP uses the back button to go back in all instances in WP instead of adding more onscreen buttons that take up real estate. The same goes with the forward button,, WP used a recent list in the menu to go directly to the page you want. This cleans up the screen, and adds more viewing area. This is a better solution than other platforms, and very quickly the user will see that its better,, if their mind is open enough to….

    2. Battery/ Network Notification?? He really is nitpicking hear. This is nothing. He’s right. The status does go back up and has to be manually retrieved, but once again MS did this to increase screen real estate, and to clean up what is usually a mess in other OS’s. This is something that you will not be bothered by and will actually appreciate.. If it does bother you their are apps in the marketplace which have a live tile with the notifications present.. So this is no issue. Wow, learn how to use WP dude!

    3. Screen Loock? This is the biggest example of how closed minded, and nitpicking this guy is.. This is just amazing! Lol! He says “If I have to give my kid my password then what’s the point of kids corner if they can access everything else??”" duh! How about you unlock your device yourself then pass it to your child?? You can even give the the pleasure of swiping to the right then up just to make them feel special.. How lazy has this guy because people.. Lol… Anyways, kids corner is great, and no other device currently has anything like it. This is one of many reasons WP8 is great. Jesus what a dumb a**!! Lol!

    Music Player?? While I’m not going to say that the music player in WP8 is perfect, I can’t agree with this guys silly complaints. He simply doesn’t know how to navigate the player.. This is something you would have to experience because its to complicated to explain here, but if used correctly Xbox Music can be very useful.. MS has promised to make the player even more efficient in a future update, so don’t let this deter you away from WP try it for yourself.. Its still better than what the others have to offer, and that’s all that matters.

    Notifications? Well, it would be nice to have a centralized notifications hub. But, lets not forget the live tile concept. If placed strategically you will see all your notifications clear as day. He’s right that there may be times you have to scroll through your tiles to find that notification, but its few, and far between. This is no big deal at all, and will in no way ruin your WP8 experience. Instead, you will love the live tile concept, and forget about everything else. Like I said before, give it a try and you will love it!! Nevertheless, a notification hub would be nice, and I’m sure its coming in a future update. This is a new platform guys.

    Apps? This guy has it completely backwards.. There are very many useful apps in the store. Pretty much all major apps, and popular apps are now available. The only most popular app not available is Instagram, which will be available on WP soon.. If you can wait a little while longer then you will have Instagram. If you don’t care about Instagram then who cares about any of this. WP has some if the best quality apps you will find. This guy is closed minded. And all of your favorites are here.. I’ll prove it to you just ask me.

    As far as the search button goes,, dude hit it when you need to. We can’t help it if your fingers are fat. There is no placement issue with this button. Also this is not a unified search button,, this is not Android! Get with the times, and learn something new and fresh.

    Also, if you hold down the back button it will bring you to the multitasking screen where you can go to the app you want, or even visit previous web pages.. It works really great!…. But the biggest indicator that this guy doesn’t know how to use a WP8 device, which is so simple, is that he is complaining about not being able to easily get back to the start screen…. Hey, you see that big Windows key down there in the center?? Press that and it will take you home all day!! Lol. Please..

    So, don’t listen to this article. Take it from a real WP8 user and see for yourself that these new phones are awesome.. Trust me you will love the experience.

  • Mits

    Xbox Music had syncing issues with Windows 8 and the phone, but an over the air update fixed all the syncing issues with the play lists!! Microsoft needs to stay on top with these issues and complaints and the OS will continue to get better, because the consistent App interface and the slick interface is so nice!

  • faragondk

    Seriously, you should learn how to use the device and OS, before you write a review.

  • Roy

    This list is full of LIES.

    I only made it through to the music player part but so far there is nothing true about what this guy is saying.

    For example the music player part just isnt true. The music being played is within the control panel which is available from EVERY WHERE. One tap and you’re there. Whether you’re on the start screen or another app. You can always pause, play next song or brose through the now playing list AT ANY TIME.

  • Nitink

    Seriously, I love this teardown of wp review.

  • dhan_shh

    Well said! No battery percentage,no alert when battery goes to less than 20%,…yes u r correct!

    If you use iPhone and try windows phone,you will be highly disappointed,

    Horrible ebook readers,even pdf reader fails most of the time,we have to search the file in office and read pdf?

  • TofuDelight

    About getting back to now playing, you can press the volume rocker and then tap the song name in the screen. That will get you to Now Playing from anywhere in the phone.

    • Rajat Agrawal

      And you call that intuitive?

      • BaboliDaboli

        So you are actually saying:
        1) Volume rocker is not intuitively related to music being played.
        2) You have a problem remembering this action and you wish that it was more intuitive.
        3) You hate the fact that you can access Now Playing from anywhere rather than only within music player.
        4) It’s mutch more intuitive for you to bash an operating system for the feature you are not aware of, and even go as far as to perform a typical manipulation by first stating how the app is actually best around but there is this one missing feature (here you write 50+ words) that kills it for you.

      • R Warder


  • Robert Wade

    1. Install one of several browser “wrappers” that enhance IE10, including that stupid forward button you’re whining about. I don’t miss it in the least.
    2. Not everyone cares to have their screen real estate taken up ALL the time by network & battery info. I think it looks ugly and, quite frankly, if you’re THAT frightened you’ll miss a drop in your battery power then you need to just stop using electronic devices. Or install one of several apps that put that info right on the live tile and make it the ONLY FLIPPING TILE YOU HAVE.
    3. While I grant that there could be good reason to not have a lock on the Kid’s Corner but maintain the lock on the main screen, that’s just a stupid comment that “it defeats the whole purpose of having a Kid’s Corner”. No, it doesn’t. The purpose is to have a specific subset of apps that kids can use that prevents them from accessing anything else on the device. The PURPOSE is satisfied entirely. The password issue is a separate problem is certainly worth debating.
    4. I agree the Music app issue of not having a way to quickly get back to the “now playing” are can be annoying…but I rarely use it the way you apparently do. I either use playlists or play entire albums. On the rare occasion that I’m playing a specific song, it’s for a specific purpose (e.g., rehearsal) and I’m not looking to play other songs.
    5. I am SO tired of people who whine about not having a “notifications center”. Microsoft has indicated they were working on something for that but it wasn’t ready for the launch of WP8. So, you crybabies who can’t be bothered to actually look at your live tiles will likely have your day. Sheesh. I much prefer having each tile show me that I have waiting notifications, that way I can decide immediately which ones I want to dive into and which I want to ignore, without sorting through a stupid central bank where they’re all lumped in together.

  • Cesar

    yeah this just sounds like you have trouble adapting to a new OS. Took me about a day to get used to a WP8 (coming from iOS) and I’m pleased with the experience. The L920′s hardware is fantastic and second to none.

  • WP7 user

    I’ve read it twice and surprised of some of the untrue points. The review (if we’ll call it review) kind of anti Microsoft more than a neutral review based on actual facts and real comparison.
    After other haters finished all they yelling about missing apps now it’s turn to try if other features could play the trick!
    It’s time until WP will take over cloned OS from iOS!!!
    All what I recommend such reviewers “if we could name them so!” please be unbiased and give yourself a credit to write about what it’s really there not what you feel or hate.

  • Johan


    IE, click the Three dots and select which page you sant to go forward to.

    Status Icons, Always shows up if there is something you have to be aware of. Like if your battery is low or if you have lost reception. Why would you want them to tell you anything else?

    Screen lock, I have a password for my phone, but not for kids corner.

    Notifications, the entire startscreen is a notification area?

  • Ashish Sharma

    WP7 is a disaster and so is Zune….

  • Frageelay

    I am an Android user my love has a Nokia 920 and this guy is more than picky! I understand when someone pays for something they want it to be a perfect fit. But, this is a bit much. Many things mentioned are super non issues.

    If you don’t like the IE browser, download a new browser. You know, just as you do with your computer and Android device. Download a different music player. On the Android OS the Google Play music player is not the most used neither is Chrome (or the old Android browser) for the browser. That’s what makes this silly. There are other options but the writer makes it seem as if there aren’t and that the Android stock options are great. They are not to most people! Yes, in the Windows app store there are other options if you should want them!

    The noise about the apps is tiring. Yes, Android has loads of apps, however, at least 100 are Bejewled or a Bejewled clone (sarcasm but the number may be close). There many clones to every game. There are scam apps made solely to harvest information and bomb you with ads. I wish people would mention that when they talk about apps. Instead of crying about something stupid, make a list of apps that aren’t there and then go on a tirade. Just saying they don’t have a lot of apps is so stupid. The Play store and the Amazon App store are filled with the crappiest apps ever! Any honest Android user will point that out. I will acknowledge that the Windows app store does not have some of the top name popular apps. However, it isn’t that many and people are getting caught up in the noise instead of looking into the situation for themselves. For some, the missing apps may be those that you don’t want anyway. Without checking into it, you will never know.

    The notifications issue is what makes live tiles unique, they have little notifications on each one. I know I would prefer that to mass notifications for random things that get caught up in the mess of other notifications. Especially since the voicemail notification will not go away until you check the message. That is why in almost every tech review of Android devices you see the VM notification on the screen. That’s annoying. Annoying isn’t having to swipe down to see the battery and connectivity status.

    How lazy and sad are you that swiping down to see the battery and connectivity is an issue? That is some sadness right there. I personally wish I did not have it taking up space on my Nexus 4 and I hope Android moves to the swipe feature soon. Also, how in the world do you go without charging your device and then get sad when it gives you a warning that your battery is low? I see that as a user error and not something to slam the OS for. You should know after at least a week how much of certain activities will drain your battery. Don’t blame the OS because you don’t care or can’t be bothered to check the status.

    In most (pretty much all) games the status doesn’t show on an Android device, therefore your argument about not seeing that the connectivity was low or that you missed calls while gaming is stupid. It would have been the same thing with an Android device. The games are full screen and you have to back out of them on the Android device to see any of that. Also, if you have that much going on with calls and things like that, you should be on top of that. I blame you. You know how busy you are but you would rather hide off in a room playing games and ignoring what you have going on and then blame the OS for your lack of caring. Dude, quit with the foolishness!

    I get it, to each his own but, this is overboard. These are not problems, these are some lame excuses to say that you prefer Android. I do too but I’m not going to waste my time typing an entire blog about non-issues with the Windows OS. This does not serve to help those who may be searching for information. The blog makes it seem as if these things are horrible and will kill the experience. There are issues with the OS but these listed are silly.

    As I mentioned, I use the Android OS and I am all about the Nexus line but it is not without faults and issues. I’m a big enough woman to say that. This guy is an Android fanboy who should have just stuck with that.

  • R Warder

    IE: never an issue as I click a link again! The back button is totally useful though as it works everywhere! Whenever I pick an iPhone up it’s so slow to navigate without a back button!

    Battery indicator: Yeah, well on an iPhone if I play a game I’m screwed too. You can easily add an app to show battery if you want.

    Screen lock: Kids corner no longer requires a password… in the latest update

    Music Player: As you said, The Windows Phone is the best player!

    Notifications: Just works. Your home page is your notification center.

    As a life long iPhone user who just switched to the Nokia 920, I have to say that my friends say WOW when they see the screen and love me to show off all the neat features.

  • WPUser

    Three Things:
    1) This guy doesn’t know how to use the Windows Phone 8 OS.
    2) He is ignorant, and wants things to be like Android so that he can call it PERFECT! (Why don’t you just use android if “Change” makes you uncomfortable?)
    3) He is allowed to voice his opinions, but at least pick on things that are TRULY LACKING in the OS like searching a song in a huge playlist or in your music collection. ALL of his above claims are entirely FALSE! I mean everything that he mentioned is lacking or cannot do can be done and in fewer steps than he things and i am just not exaggerating. Anyone who has used the OS for more than 2 weeks can tell you that.

  • AlexC

    Hmm was interested to find something new here. I don’t use a password for my lock screen so i hadn’t realized that one about kids corner. I would have expected that the entire purpose of the Kid Corner was to have functionality on your device that didn’t need protecting that you wanted to allow your kids/friends/whatever to access. So I actually agree on that one.

    The others I mostly disagree with. IE cuts out the software back button for 2 reasons, space savings, but also shows that they subject themselves to the same design expectations they put on other applications. For that last reason alone, I give them kudos for at least in one place on this platform suffering the way they make 3rd party developers suffer. I can agree that it would be nice to have a software back button as well… but not really something I would complain about.

    On the music one, as others have pointed out, when the current song is showing at the top of the screen you can click the song title to get back to the now playing, or you can use the tiny tile in the music hub. Honestly, whether you call them intuitive or not, once you know how it works it really does cease being a problem, getting at it when hitting the volume rocker is as fast or faster than getting back to the music app in iOS.
    And I probably owned my iPad for 6 months before I realized that by holding the home button, when the list of open apps comes up you can drag from left to right to reveal controls for the music, this is FAR less intuitive than Microsoft’s, people just notice the flaw in the MS implementation because they tried to cram store and player in one, whereas with iOS, even if I don’t know where the universal controls are hiding I can always just switch back to the music player.

    You do get battery notifications… at around 10%. However, under heavy usage that 10% can disappear rather quickly and seem like the notification is useless. On a iPad when I get the 10% warning I have an or more despite the usage which is better than the half hour you mention above, but on my wife’s iPod touch which is a better comparison to a Windows Phone device, it is on par 10% in heavy use may very well die in 30 minutes. Would be nice I suppose if you could configure when it starts getting angry at you… but I don’t see this particular point as being any weaker than what the competitors offer.

    Lastly, notifications. Probably not worth arguing, as it really is a preference thing. I personally hate the notification center in iOS. I know other people swear by it and even call it a deal breaker (as above). What it boils down to for me is that I keep the apps that matter to me near the top of my screen, so when I open my phone it basically IS a notification, but I don’t need to sift through 700 notices that someone has invited me to play a facebook game, or that my X in game Y is now Z. In other words… there are so many useless notifications. I also don’t have to worry about inadvertently opening the notification center when working near the top of screen in an app (games are terrible for this).

  • lossendae

    I know you pretended otherwise, but you were actively seraching for reasons to bash Windows Phone 8.
    And most of the reasons you pointed out were weak.
    You should go back to Android.

  • lubba

    Hey Rajat, thanks for your honest opinion. I’m sorry though that you’re too late coming out with this hit list. I’ve already purchased a Lumia 920 and converted my wife from Android to WP. She is in love with her 8x! Low and behold she loved it even more when I found an app she have always wanted which she couldn’t find on android. Again sorry rajat. We love our WP. Better luck next time.

  • Florin

    my friend reviewer, clearly YOU HAVE NO IDEEA how to use a WP8 device.I’m not sure if you ever owned one, or just played once in a store for 10 minutes, cause this is how it sounds like for me & other users around here.Do us all a favour and go back to your whatever OS of choise you have.
    No OS is perfect, but don’t trash the WP8 just because you have the power to do it.It’s not fair, because may it be iOS or Android, they are great in their own way, it’s just a matter of what you like at the end of the day.

    I own an HTC 8S for the past month & I got to tell you, it’s great.I also have an iPad 2 & my girl a Galaxy S Advance, so I’m pretty used to all 3 platforms.I love my phone, I love the iPad & have no problems with her Android device.It’s called CHOISE.Try that!

  • Cristian M

    First of all I would suggest you learn how to use it before you start judging.
    First multitasking I cant believe that in a month you don’t even know how it works the back button on multitasking, when you press for more than 1sec ull get the multitasking windows same as ios or android so stop making comments like that.
    Second what about skydrive integration not even google drive or icloud could do a similar integration, I’ve been using all platforms blackberry, ios, android, wp7.5, and know wp8 and ill stick with it, because the integration between devices like windows 8, surface tablet, wp8 and xbox its great…

    I agree it is a lack of apps but its getting better and popular and the notification center I admit it it is a fail but its the first wp8 devices they are gonna get better and better as android did even when android its more insecure and buggy

    But at the end windows phone are great devices with a great capacity and the most fluid UI known for now, so before judging or make opinions like that try it, or if you don’t know ask because the UI its very intituive like ios, no offense but learn how to do reviews, poor content.

  • Windows Fanboy

    It sad to see such a article from a person like you. You other articles are very good but this one just says one thing about you, you are picky and IOS fanboy. Please be more appreciative and the cons you have mentioned are not cons !! A user just needs time to adjust to new OS.
    I would recommend people to use WP8. Its a wonderful piece of OS.

  • HK6

    I would just like to point out that you are wrong about the Music Player portion. There is a very easy (and completely universal!) way to access the “Now Playing” screen. Simply tap the Volume Up or Down button (it will not change the volume) and the “Now Playing” bar will appear from the top of the screen. This bar contains the current volume; your current ringer/vibrate setting; previous, pause, and next buttons; as well as the artist and title of the current song. Tap on the song information and it will take you to the “Now Playing” page. Keep in mind, this works from anywhere on the phone (as it is brought up via hardware buttons).

    • Abhijeet Haval


      “Tap on the song information and it will take you to the “Now Playing” page.”

      I didn’t know that. It brought smile on my face when I watched it happening on my Windows Phone. Thanks for sharing.

  • Raj Bhalla


    I think after even after all the bashing Rajat has been taking must have been making him happy only as he can see so many comments on his post on this respectable blog site. However, I would like to tell all people who have read this totally incorrect review of WP8 (Rajat has given his hands up to the phone Lumia 920 itself), I have been using WP7.5 for 1 year, 7.8 for about a month and now using WP 8 (Lumia 920). All I can say after reading this Opinion blog is that the writer needs to first learn how to use a new OS and then share his opinion on a website which mostly helps new adopters make a decision. Seems like Rajat is a apple or andorid fanboy who had preconcieved notions about WP8 and just used the phone for 1-2 hours without making use of fantastic UI that WP offers which is so intuitive and uncluttered like IOS and Android.

    I would tell all why choose WP8.

    Live tiles is a great concept and just a glance tells u all.
    This guy keeps cribbing about notification, you can get all notification on your lock screen.
    You lock screen can pick up pictures from different apps like FB< India Today, TOI and many more and display randomly.
    Like IOS and Android, you cannot see battery status when playing games. So that not a disadvantage!
    If you want to buy Nokia windows phone, pick them because they offer free lifetime maps and navigation application which doesn't even require you to be connected to any mobile network to use it.
    The placement of Volume rocker and Lock screen is placed very well to allow one hand operation.
    Regarding music player, you can set now playing on your lock screen, so when you unlock your phone you see now playing and can change tracks from there.
    To adjust volume, you don't even need to unlock your phone, just press volume rockers on locked phone to adjust while your song plays.

    Did you know all that Rajat? Pls don;t write stupid articles like these in future as I follow BGR india website regularly.


  • Pranav

    I think Ragat should update the article with details given in the comment to stop misleading new readers. I am glad I read the comments as well as the compromised article.

  • isanto

    So much comment seen first time other than Apple post…its indicates WP8 has got something great?

  • Ashutosh Jain

    Hey Guys,
    I haven’t had the privilege of using a Windows 8 phone but I’ve been using Windows 8 and I like it.
    After reading this article I thought that windows 8 phone is not as intuitive as it sounds. I read all the comments, and I think the author should use the phone first and shouldn’t have any preconceived notions.

  • RKA

    Dude, First of all, your post is so pathetic… It gives an impression that your are very much biased and you dont like other platform other than ur Anroid. When you write such blogs be fair (do justice to your profession). I am sure if you have ever used an anroid or ios you would have come up with a list of complains about each system. No system is perfect, I have used all the systems and I am so much sure that the each systems has its positives and negatives. Have you ever done a review on anroid or an ios. If so please post it. Know what, People like you with such crap reviews are the reasons y some thing like a WP is finding difficult to gain popularity.

    I was laughing while reading this “Yes, I want to see the battery and network status at all times and not having to do it manually by swiping the top bar down.” Dude, is this the reason you dont like WP.. lol. Ill tel you the reason y. You should be using some anroid handset which will be draining your battery and you are so accustomed to checking your battery status all the time that you miss this feature very much. Ill give you an advice, put up a live time for you battery status right up the center of your phone screen. This will help you out. I wanted to write more about your post and “famous finding about WP”.. its a waste of time. you are biased and you will always be.

  • kathir

    Right info you updated here what i felt since i started to use windows 7.5. Really some back bencehers are working there and creating this platform without any dreams in mind. Further worst UI i have ever seen in smart phone… It is not at all ok when compare with even symbion…. Poor people will design poor OS like Windows…

    Dear guy get rid of windows platform and switch to other OS…. Even Nokia dont have idea which OS will succeed.
    One request to Microsoft is that please hire some brilliant peoples.

    Cons. Single front page/home page
    No Theme can be set.
    Worst UI
    Poor Music player options
    cant set anything in consumer favor
    no battery indication. Often it hides and irritating to check the remaining battery life often. as well as network signal.
    a lot more can be shared,…. I will never turn towards windows phone hereafter….

  • kathir

    Hi Guys,
    I use windows 7.8 since last one month. Please check the black berry new OS and android. If you are phone lover, you will not like windows phone.It seems that you all guys want to have some nokia 6600 or 1100 to just make a call or to receive a call or to just check E-mail. In windows, Even in dialing window there is no paste option.No dial option available from any page if OS identifies some nos in mail. Email cant be sent with some attachments if you want to forward an old mail with new attachment. No forwarding email can be edited. No music equalizers available to set to users taste. No statistics available about battery life. No Recent app list. No pic or theme can be set in home paeg. Boring home page with some colors. It is irritating when see daily. Simply changing color is not enough. No pic selection option. Need to select and delete one by one. No video streaming in webpage. It is opening in new window. No notification panel. I often go through the all tiles to see how many mails received and sms and others. Many more NO can be said. Because it is not at all good OS when compare with blackberry or IOS or ANDROID. Hi Mr.RAJAT I support you.

    Hi Guys go to the other websites and see the review… Everyones feel is same like mine and Rajat. Look into the second sales websites eevery one is trying to sell their WPhone. Every one is saying that i don’t want windows phone unless you provide it freely. Big thanks to Mr.Rajat for expressing major people’s mind voices.
    Because you are expert. The person who has lack of knowledge about smartphone can shift to normal old mobiles with keypads and small screens…

    • RKA


      Some of the ur points and mine in ” ”

      Cons. Single front page/home page ——– “I think that is the whole purpose, rather than going to different pages you have everything in one place. If this is not gud for you, I think ur a traditional user who beleives in static icons spread across different pages.”
      No Theme can be set.—— “I feel Anroid is best for you, you can change whatever theme u want.”
      Worst UI —– “If you have read news recently, WP OS was one of the nomination for best design, I think you dont appreciate the freshness that WP brings to mobile”
      Poor Music player options ——- “Again, unnecessary bashing, If you have checked the features the what the music player is providing with the bio of the singer/ band, related artists, related genere, wall art, loch screen changes with the current song ”
      no battery indication. Often it hides and irritating to check the remaining battery life often. as well as network signal.— “WP has a very good battery life, I am not sure y do u wanna bother yourself with the battery, and also it has a battery saver feature so your phone wont be dead if you not charged for 24 hrs.”
      a lot more can be shared,…. I will never turn towards windows phone hereafter….—— “This is my personal opinion, each phone has its positives and negatives.. windows phone is a pleasure to use and It has its drawbacks, like other phones. but I feel it deserves more respect than the way you bash it.”

  • Cryptic

    Rajat, I’m probably not as annoyed as you are, but these issues are problematic for me as well. I have the 920 and it is a fascinating phone. The hardware is the best out there, but WP is lacking. My first smartphone was a Nokia N75. I left it to go to iphone, but ended going back to the N75 because at that time the iphone didn’t have wifi, wireless teethering, office, pdf, and had a bad camera with no video. Then again in 2009 I ended up with a Nokia E71x because the iphone 3G and Blackberry 9700 didn’t have wireless teethering. The issues with WP reminds me of that same experience. When the iphone came out it was young and therefore lacking and needed to grow up…since that time it has. WP8 is in the same position although starting at a better place. The os is young and it shows. You could say that you expect more from MS, but I also know that it takes time to create stuff. I will say that in the 3 months that the phone I started with is not the phone I now have there have been many improvements to the phone. I also understand that there is a update coming from MS that will address some of these shortcomings like notifications. So I’m sorry you jump off the boat, but after the update I hope you will try it again and see if there is any hope for the WP os. Looking forward to that article.

  • Nihal

    Rajat, i am a regular reader of your blog but this time i am dissappointed. you should know that not all smartphone platforms can be similar. it will be totally annoying. i was using xperia j with android 4.0 and it was boring to use android but now i have lumia 800 and it is pretty well to use a new UI to get a fresh experience. windows phone 7.x and WP8 platforms are beautifull for me and i haven’t any problem with it.Though WP8 has less app than android but remember this is a new platform for dovelopers and apps are developing at the rate of 500 apps + games it is clear that after sometimes there will be a windows phone store full of terrific apps
    and games.Just wait and watch.
    And i will suggest you to use more your nokia lumia 920. you will love it surely.

    • Rajat Agrawal

      Hi Nihal,

      Thanks for being a regular reader. I listed out just “a few” of my pet peeves that I encountered regularly after using the Lumia 920 for a month. I’m not saying WP8 won’t work for anyone, but in its current state I would prefer iOS or Android as I, as a user, am compromising on way too many things. It is my personal opinion on why WP8 does not work for me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you too.

  • Raj

    lack of notifications is the biggest issue for Windows 8, and that is the only reason I am keeping away from it or else by now I would have upgraded my Lumia 710 (which I am not using anymore) by now..

  • Runewake2

    Your complaint on notifications is the only valid one that I you made as well as the issue with the music player. Everything else is simply ignorance on your part.

    As has been mentioned holding back enables the multitasking that has been present since 7.5 (been about a year now), the back button is standard and is one of my favorite additions. If you want to go back to the start screen press the windows button. If you want to go back press the back button. If you want to do a search then you need to either use the voice options with tellme or use bing. WP8 alas doesn’t enable the same features as Windows 8 where every app can integrate into search, however, apps can integrate into the voice options (accessed by holding windows button).

    Want to access what is currently playing? windows button, music/videos, now playing. It’s not hard and you can always access what is currently playing as well as next, pause and previous buttons from the lock screen or volume control.

    As a developer myself, allow me to touch on the “app situation.” For the most part every app you could want is available for Windows Phone, many of the things you require an app for in iOS or Android are built into windows phone (facebook, twitter, linked-in etc). The only notable apps missing are the specialty apps, for example, my bank offers an app for mobile banking on iOS and Android but not Windows Phone. If you are looking for specific apps that accomplish a very small thing particular to only a handful of people (relatively speaking) windows phone will likely not have an app for it. If you want an app you’ve heard of, windows phone will have it. Furthermore, the quality of Windows Phone apps is above that of Android (which has almost no requirements for verification) and windows phone apps are more versatile then iOS apps allowing you to integrate with the phones voice services (tellme, accessed by holding windows button), share to all your contacts by email, text, facebook, twitter etc.

    While it is valid for you to dislike a phone because it does not function exactly like you want it to, it is irresponsible for you to write a story on the phone and attempt to persuade others that they shouldn’t like it either.

  • vs

    Its a stupid article.

  • TLE

    I have a Lumia 920 and so have here is a list of my complain:
    1. The search button is too sensitive. I keep accidentally tap it and exit my current app. I wish there’s a option to switch it to double tap. This is the same problem that people experience on XBOX with the power and DVD eject buttons.
    2. The music player has no rewind or forward options when playing a song. I thought these are basic features of a music player.
    3. Custom sounds for SMS/Email are not allowed.
    4. Browser has no forward button. This is such a pain in the a$$.
    5. App such as Skype does not allow custom ringing sounds and there’s no way you can switch between different accounts.
    Even with all these limitation, I still prefer Windows Phone over Iphone or Android.

  • raj

    Ya i agree with this artical wp8 is very disappointing me and all wp8 user there are no stutus bar no more theme no show all files in memory card, and lots of basic features are missing …

  • Prasujith

    dude windowsphone 8 is best OS than i and Android,, lumia 920 is awesome,,, tile concept is best than icon as widgets are not a part of every apps,, and i needs me to be updated throughout so TILE,,, GO and rewrite the article

  • Prasujith

    Ddude windowsphone 8 is best OS than i and Android,lumia 920 is awesome,tile concept is best than icon as widgets are not a part of every apps,and i needs me to be updated throughout so TILE, GO and rewrite the article

  • tom

    First off, the vitriol against the write is uncalled for. I prefer a review to be honest rather than fluff.
    I have had mine for two days and have almost all the same frustrations. A few not mentioned are the lack of flash. This was known but you don’t realize how much that effects. For instance, I often save video clips people share on sites. WP8 does not allow this option. Also while steaming or playing a video you can not move to a specific point. You only have a FF button to bump it forward a set amount. Another would be the irritating need to repeatedly sign in to web based accounts. My user accounts for my local news paper, yahoo, etc do not save the log on info.

    Like the author mentioned, these may seem trivial when discussed individually but add up to the point of not being worth the trouble. These are all common functions a user should expect. My HTC 8X goes back to the store tomorrow.

  • prem

    Bro ….i agree wid u ….since d day my sis had bought nokia 820 evryday she comes to me wid some or d othr problm…..its low storage…whatsapp..notificatn…etc etc..

  • charlie

    I’ll add my thoughts as well:

    - You can’t search contacts using numeric keypad . You can but with external dialer, which does not have access to missed calls. So You end up having two dialers on the screen which is just stupid. Why having two things for same functions if You could use one?

    - Editing text is a pain when You need to delete a letter in the middle of a word. To put the cursor after a letter You need to hold down a finger so you cover almost the whole word. Actually You don’t know where You put it and again, You need to do it twice or three times before You succeed. Why doing sthg twice if You could briefly tap once?

    - You can’t answer the phone with one slide. You just slide and then You need to hit ‘pick up’. Why doing sthg twice if You can do it with one slide?

    - In my phone (lumia 625) I’m forced to use full resolution and can’t lower it.
    Photos that phones are made for, don’t need to be 5 or 10megapixels big. They can, but actually what for? Why MUST I use twice as much space then ?

    - Tiles update every 30min which means that every battery meter on the screen is useless.
    You can’t play with Your phone intesively for half an hour seeing there is 30% and suddenly You realize it’s not 30% but 5% or almost dead.

    -You’re forced to use Bing under the right button, so You end up having another browser on the screen, at least most people do so. Why having two browsers if You could use one?

    - You can’t turn the media volume separately. If You turn down volume, You turn down the ringtone as well. Why turning down two things if I want only one?