Flappy Bird creator says will take down viral game today


The lone creator of viral game Flappy Bird has announced he would take the game down in the next 22 hours. Don Nguyen has taken on Twitter to announce that he “cannot take this anymore” and would pull the game down. It is estimated that Nguyen was making $50,000 daily from the game that had ripped off art work from other games.

Despite having simple controls, Nguyen had made Flappy Bird to be an extremely difficult game, which eventually turned out to be one of the reasons for it to go viral with memes being made in its reference. He claims that his decision does not have to do with any legal issues and all signals indicate he is not being able to cope with criticism he is facing from a certain section of the media.

Since his announcement a few moments ago, Nguyen has been flooded with requests for selling Flappy Bird, which he has refused. He says he will continue to make games.

Hat tip to @failgunner, Mihir Patkar!

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