Flickr app for iOS finally launched with most-wanted features, Instagram-like filters

Flickr has finally revamped its iOS app, which makes it easier to click, share and browse through photos. The app includes many features of Flickr’s online version like editing, managing and sharing photos. The photos remain sharp and do not compromise on clarity as they are stored in high resolution.

The new Flickr app comes barely a day after Yahoo announced its new mail app for Android and iOS, signalling the beginning of mobile first strategy that newly appointed CEO, Marissa Mayer, had promised after taking over the reigns. Flickr was once the most popular online photo storage and sharing sites but lost its way with the advent of smartphones and online social networks like Facebook, which became the preferred destination for sharing photos, even though Flickr offered better features for serious photographers.

Flickr did not embrace social networks and never really came up with a compelling smartphone app, which meant most users had to look out for alternatives. Flickr, in the meanwhile, continued to remain stagnant even as Yahoo witnessed a string of CEOs coming and going. The redesigned app is made with sharing in mind be it via e-mail, on Flickr or online networks like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Users can now sign in via Facebook, Yahoo or Google, which initiates the app with a layout similar to Instagram. Download Flickr for iOS from here.