Flipkart reveals EMI offer for Motorola Moto X, will initially be limited to one unit per person


Flipkart’s teasing of minute Motorola Moto X launch details continue after the online retailer announced earlier this week it will launch the flagship Motorola smartphone in India soon. Now a dedicated landing page for the Moto X reveals that Flipkart would offer the Moto X on EMI with buyers standing to get Rs 1,000 as cashback.

The cashback is essentially a new trick offered by banks and vendors, which reverses the money buyers spend on paying interest on EMI after the RBI mandated zero-percent interest EMI schemes as illegal. Flipkart also says there will be more offers on the Moto X, which it will announce soon. With the Moto G, Flipkart had offered discount coupons of Rs 500 on ebooks and Rs 1,000 on clothing for those who bought it on day one.

Flipkart also anticipates a huge rush for the Moto X, like it happened with the Moto G. In order to not repeat the mistakes of the Moto G launch, where it had to cancel some orders as well as postponing shipments for others, the online retailer is limiting the sale to just one unit per buyer. It warns that stocks would be limited initially.

The online retailer has also shown the five colors in which the phone would be available as well as the wooden finish. Earlier, it had revealed that the Moto X will be available in black, white, royal blue, cherry, turquoise and two wood finishes — teak and walnut. While Flipkart has not announced any launch date yet, unconfirmed reports peg it at March 19.

The Moto X has received raving reviews and has some unique features that no other smartphone provides. However, the success would majorly depend on the pricing of the phone as unlike the Moto G that had no worthy competition from tier one brands, the Moto X could compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Nexus 5, both of which boast better specifications. Having said that, the perception of a product from its hardware specifications is exactly the thing that Motorola wants to change with its unique smartphones.

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