Future Apple iPhones to boast edge-to-edge display, patent hints

The patent further hints that future iPhones could also have native support for AR or mixed reality.

Apple edge to edge display

Rumors about Apple launching an iPhone with a truly bezel-less display have been trickling in for months now. Some rumors claim that the company may introduce such an iPhone this year itself, which also happens to be the 10th anniversary for the iPhone. That said, a few rumors have also hinted that it may take another couple of years for Apple to bring such device. Now, Apple has been granted a patent for a truly bezel-less iPhone, which reveals how it could work.

Filed in February 2015, the patent is for “electronic devices having displays with openings.” According to the patent, the device will come with openings that could help electronic components like cameras, sensors and speakers mount beneath the display. The openings are supposed to transfer data from sensors. These openings will be quite minute in size, almost so small that the one cannot see with naked eyes. The structure will help the device look like just a big display while components hidden under the screen.

The patent further also enables Apple to fit in a heads-up display, HUD, which is believed to play a pivotal role in Apple’s grand plans of foraying into the augmented reality segment. Apple Insider further elaborates application of the HUD in the patented device. According to the publication, when a user looks through windows, created by giving one or more transparent regions in the front and rear sides, forms a glass panel on the rear whereas the main OLED display shows images over the real-world things. The publication further says that the mechanism could help Apple go beyond Augment Reality but also into the mixed reality applications.

This information also gives adds weight to rumors about Apple’s AR venture, which may see light of the day sooner than expected. Just yesterday we had come across reports that the company is in talks with Carl Zeiss to develop AR-based glasses. Already, Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed the company’s greater interest in the AR. “There’s no substitute for human contact. And so you want the technology to encourage that,” he said in an interview last year. ALSO READ: Apple CEO Tim Cook shows more faith in AR over VR

Coming back to bezel-less iPhones, back in September there were rumors claiming that the 2017 iPhones will come with an edge-to-edge OLED display. The display won’t have the top and bottom bezels where the current front facing camera and Touch ID home buttons are located respectively. Apple is likely to further innovate the home button of the iPhone 7 to fuse it with the OLED display along with Touch ID functionality.

The latest patent doesn’t necessarily suggest that such device will be commercially launched soon or ever become a reality. But it does give an idea about how Apple’s edge-to-edge display could work.

That being said, bezel-less displays are becoming a new fad among smartphone brands these days. Ahead of Apple, Android players like Xiaomi and Huawei have already launched near bezel-less smartphones. Meizu is also rumored to be working on a similar device. Some are also following the footsteps of Samsung to launch Galaxy S7 edge-like dual-edge curved smartphones. ALSO READ: Xiaomi Mi Mix white color variant launched at the CES 2017

  • Published Date: January 11, 2017 1:30 PM IST
  • Updated Date: January 11, 2017 3:18 PM IST