Garmin Vivofit fitness band with one-year battery life launched in India exclusively on Flipkart, priced at Rs 9,990


Popular GPS device maker Garmin has launched the Vivofit fitness band in India. The fitness band boasting one year battery life will be available exclusively on Flipkart priced at Rs 9,990. The smartband is listed on Flipkart under the ‘coming soon’ badge.

The Vivofit fitness band can track your fitness-related activities like the steps you take, monitor your sleep pattern, and calories burnt. The smartband connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and relays all the fitness data through the Garmin Connect app. The band also boasts water resistant capabilities up to 50 meters and uses replaceable batteries that can last for about a year.

“Garmin has been providing fitness monitoring devices for over a decade, and with Vívofit we say hello to the fitness band that knows your potential,” Tony An, Garmin’s sales and marketing director said. “Being able to monitor the quality of rest after retiring for the night, being challenged by personalized daily goals and doing so without having to charge it every few days, makes Vívofit a fitness band that should be on everyone’s wrist.”

Alternatively you can also go for the GOQii smartband or the Sony Smartband SWR10. The former is available for Rs 6,999 for a six month plan, and in addition to tracking your fitness related activities, the company also offers a personal coach to guide you to a healthier self. The latter, on the other hand, is priced at Rs 5,990.

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