> > Google announces a new version of Maps with an updated UI, the Offers and many more new features

Google announces a new version of Maps with an updated UI, the Offers and many more new features

Google Developers Event Held In San Francisco

Google has announced a lot of new products at Google I/O and as expected it has also unveiled an update to its Maps. Google maps team has worked from the scratch to give a completely new look to the Maps, which also happens to be the first major design overhaul for the web interface ever since its launch almost eight years back.

To begin with, for desktops Google has changed the whole look of the service with more crisp and clearer visuals of vector maps and has eliminated the search bar on the side so the map now runs edge to edge on the screen. The search box has been placed on the top left side of the screen, and also offers updating to the existing features while including some new ones as well. Basically, the search option in maps has been made more intelligent to suit your interest. For instance, the search locations are now supplemented with regularly searched locations, places of interest, as well as recreational places like restaurants and more, visited or reviewed or recommended by friends, to give it a more personalized touch.

Moreover, you can now choose to explore a place which will result in several category-based options popping up in the form of cards to offer you information on restaurants, shopping centers, places to visit and more.

When the user clicks anywhere on the map, it will function like earlier but it will now offer more information that will be relevant to the search query.

Users will be able to expand maps to see the places with Street View and even the innards of a restaurant or a shop at 360-degree viewing angles. This will give an immersive imaging experience giving the user a better insight of the place in question.

The details on roads, streets, hills and more on the map are all revamped in terms of colors and visuals, and have now got a real time touch that changes the view as per the Earth’s position.

As far as the Android and iOS users are concerned, Google has announced an updated UI and features like Google Offers which will include deals and coupons from a number of restaurants and retail outlets. Google has partnered with Zagat for this. Users will be able to access these services, or can even read and review restaurants by rating them in numbers.

Google is planning to roll out the update for Maps across platforms in the summer, and the good news is that this updated version will run on the iPad as well.