> > Google Babel images leaked, highlight revamped Gtalk with new emoticons

Google Babel images leaked, highlight revamped Gtalk with new emoticons

Yesterday we got a hint of Google’s rumored unified chat hub Babel, which was seen integrated with Gmail, and today Techradar has posted a few more elaborated screenshots of a rather revamped Google messenger service highlighted as Babel. These images have reportedly come from a Google employee, and shows off Google’s Chat service integrating Hangout as well as Google+ and highlighting a number of new emoticons apart from an interactive interface.

One of the screenshots has a question flashed at the Feedback option asking the users about their feedback on Babel, further indicating that the new service is still in development. The screenshots also show the new Chat messenger service with cleaner threaded-messaging integrating image thumbnails instead of the regular text-messaging with chat names. As far as the interface go, it looks similar to the interface seen in third party mobile messenger services with a number of new and expressive emoticons.

Additionally, the new Chat is expected to feature Google+ built-in it allowing users to use hangout as well. Moreover, once linked with Google+ users will also be able to send images using Google Talk or Chat. It is expected that Google will launch this service at the same time as the Google Play redesign which is expected to get revealed at Google I/O in May.