> > Google brings voice search to the desktop via Chrome

Google brings voice search to the desktop via Chrome

In the last few months we have reported multiple times that Google was planning to integrate voice search in the Chrome as underlying code was found in the browser. At Google I/O Amit Singhal, the head of search at Google officially announced that Chrome will get voice search, what Google likes to call conversational search.  Users can activate the function by just saying ‘Ok Google’.

The feature will be recognize natural language and searches will be more personalized owing to an improved Google knowledge graph and features like the Gmail search field trail. The new conversational search experience will roll out to Android and iOS users as well via the ‘Search app’.

Google Now has also received an upgrade. There is a new voice reminders tool that will remind the user when and where. Google has introduced new cards for Google Now which includes public transportation data, suggestions for upcoming books, music and movies based on your purchases from the Google Play store.

There is also a new Gmail search field trial where users can ask Google Now to send emails, search for specific photos on Google+. The new Google Now features are available now on Android and iOS via the Search app.