Google Chrome Enterprise Bundle launched for easy browser deployment, management in offices

Google now makes it easier for IT admins to switch from Internet Explorer to Chrome browser.


Google is now working on making its Chrome browser more acceptable among its office/business users. The company has released a new ‘Chrome Enterprise Bundle’ that enables IT admins to easily deploy and manage the browser on devices within a local network. The bundle comes with a single installer for Chrome Browser along with Chrome Legacy Browser Support extension to run ActiveX widget. The bundle also includes a slew of policy templates for the admins.

It is worth noting that Google’s latest Chrome version 58 comes with support for Citrix XenApp virtualization platform and Windows Server with Terminal services. The browser also entails support for GPU processing in Citrix ecosystem and auto detection of Windows Server. Google plans to expand the bundle with more tools in the coming days. You can find out more details about the bundle here.

According to a TechCrunch report, Google hopes the bundle will double the number of enterprise users for Chrome browser. “We account for enterprise users based on attributes of their computer configuration, such as if the machine is joined to an active directory domain and if Chrome is being managed via admin-configured and/or deployed policies,” a Google spokesperson is quoted as saying. ALSO READ: Google Chrome 58 for Android update rolls out: Here are the 5 new features

Google’s bundle is pretty much aimed at capturing the enterprise segment that is mainly dominated by Microsoft. For browser, IT admins have so far relied on Internet Explorer or Edge, though the browser is not really a popular choice when it comes to normal users. Besides browser part, Google has been building a slew of solutions to target business users to take on Microsoft.

According to a ET report from October last year, Google has set its eyes on India’s booming enterprise users segment. After rebranding its Google services as G-Suite, Google is looking to have exclusive contracts with corporates, similar to Microsoft and IBM’s strategy. ALSO READ: Vodafone India ties up with Google Cloud to bring G Suite to Indian enterprises 

  • Published Date: May 24, 2017 10:17 AM IST