Google Chrome’s Easter egg surprises you when 100 tabs are opened

For those who are habitual of opening several Chrome tabs, Google has a surprise for you.


Google has a new Easter egg hidden in its Chrome app. This Easter egg will be visible to people who have the habit of opening up multiple tabs on Google Chrome app. ‘Multiple’ here translates to as many as 100 tabs opened on Google Chrome app. Once you’ve opened 100 tabs on your Google Chrome app, the icon where the number is shown will be turned into a smiley. The Easter egg on Android’s Chrome app is the classic smiley face on iOS, and on Android it’s the grin smiley – :D.

Discovered by Marques Brownlee, and shared on Twitter, the Easter egg is visible on incognito mode as well. Soon after, people started noticing the same smiley Easter egg on their Google Chrome and shared the results. If you open 100 tabs in incognito mode on Google Chrome app, the classic smiley face remains the same for iOS users.Google Chrome Easter Egg 100 tabsHowever, on Android it’s slightly different as the smiley turns into a wink. The wink seems apt for someone who has 100 tabs opened on incognito mode, and Google seems to be teasing its Android users with it. Maybe Google thinks that Android users are cheekier than iOS users when on incognito mode.

Google Chrome hidden TRex game

Google is known for its Easter eggs on different platforms which have been rather difficult to locate. The most popular Easter egg on Google Chrome would be the T-Rex which many people still have no clue about it. The hidden T-Rex game is probably the best solution Google has when your internet connection is down. Everyone is familiar with the display page when there’s no internet connection and the T-Rex sitting there. On desktop, one has to simply press the Space key and the game begins. On mobile platform, just tap on the T-Rex and the game will begin. The key is to skip the hurdles placed on the track and score as high as possible.

Google had Easter eggs for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, by adding Aurebesh language in Google Translate. Aurebesh is an ancient written language in the Star Wars universe. One could type anything in English and it would be translated to the ancient Star Wars language. ALSO READ: Google’s new Star Wars Easter egg adds support for Aurebesh language via Google Translate

  • Published Date: March 20, 2017 4:11 PM IST