Google denies ‘fixing’ Indian Lok Sabha 2014 elections


Google has reportedly denied reports that it fixed the Lok Sabha 2014 elections. Computer Business Review appeared more certain with the “How Google search results are influencing elections” headline for its version of the story, the Guardian reported.

However, the company vehemently denied the claims saying that providing relevant answers has been the cornerstone of Google’s approach to search from the very beginning.

A Google spokesperson said that the search engine’s results reflect what’s on the web, and the company rigorously protects the integrity of its algorithms, adding that if Google changed its course, it would undermine people’s trust in its results and company.

A press release put out on 13 May by the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, an independent research organisation based in California created a furore around the topic when it released a report headlined “Could Google have fixed the Lok Sabha elections? A landmark new study in India shows it’s possible,” the report added.

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