Google Doodle: Nowruz celebrated with a doodle marking the start of Spring

Nowruz is an Iranian celebration, and observed by people of Persian origin across the globe.

Google Doodle Norwuz

Google has a pretty little doodle today to celebrate the Iranian New Year called Nowruz. This Persian word translates to ‘New Day’ as it marks the first day of the month in the Iranian calendar. Nowruz essentially denotes the beginning of spring in the Northern hemisphere and it usually falls on March 21 or the day before and after it. Today’s Google Doodle has a GIF type image of colorful flowers and butterflies fluttering around them. Hidden between the flowers is Google written taking the form of grass.

Geographically, this day marks the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, as it is the point in the year when both the day and the night are 12 hours long, after a winter of shorter days and longer nights. Equinox is derived from the Latin words ‘equal’ and ‘night’ and is followed by the autumnal equinox which occurs in September in the Northern hemisphere.


Nowruz does have its roots in Iranian origins but it has been celebrated for over 3,000 years and by people from different communities of diverse ethno-linguistic including countries like Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, China, Georgia, by the Kurds in Syria and Turkey, Pakistan and by the Parsees in India. Nowruz is celebrated by making different preparations for the event. Prior to the spring event, houses are cleaned and whitewashed, furniture repaired. This preparation is known as ‘khaneh takani’ in Farsi which translates to ‘shaking the house’.

More preparations include the Haft-Seen table which is decorated with seven items that symbolizes the time of the year. These items include lentil sprouts for rebirth, sweet pudding for abundance and fertility, vinegar for wisdom and patience, garlic for health, dried fruit for love, apple for beauty, and sumac berries representing the colors of dawn, as explained by Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies. ALSO READ: Google Chrome’s Easter egg surprises you when 100 tabs are opened

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  • Published Date: March 21, 2017 9:11 AM IST
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