Google Doodles Soccer for the London Olympics

This is becoming daily routine for Google, but today’s Olympics flavored doodle is regarding perhaps the most popular sport on the plant. Yes, I am talking about Football, or Soccer as they like to call it stateside.

The Soccer 2012 doodle, walks the player through a ‘Penalty Shoot-Out’ scenario where the player is the goal-keeper and has to stop a barrage of incoming penalty kicks.

The gameplay is pretty simplistic and Google maintains its tried and tested formula of arrow key controls. One just needs to move the goalie around with the left and right arrow keys, however one has to be careful as to make block the keeper has be perfectly in line with the ball, otherwise a goal will be scored.

As always, at the end Google provides for a replay, a search query or if one is the boasting types then posting the score on Google+ can also be arranged.

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