Google filters 1,400 ‘inappropriate’ words from latest Android KitKat dictionary

Google has reportedly banned a list of more than 1,400 English words deemed inappropriate for the users of latest Android KitKat.

The latest version of Android has a special directory of words, like intercourse, coitus, screwing, lovemaking, butt, geek, and medical terms like gonadatrophia, irrumination, thud, LSAT, pizzle, as well as related to reproductive health and undergarments like Tampax, lactation, preggers, panty, braless, uterus, STI, condom which do not appear in the auto complete feature of the OS, Wired reports.

However, the filter for this directory can be disabled in the Google Keyboard settings, which makes all words both swipeable and available for auto complete, the report added.

According to the report, the bizarre dictionary has a zero tolerance policy on morphine, demerol and barbituric acid precursor malonylurea, while marijuana, methamphetamine and even bong are allowed in it.

Islam-related words Sunni and Iftar are censored, but many others related to the Muslim faith and other religions are acceptable, the report added.