Google Hangouts updated with SMS integration, GIF support and other improvements


Moments ago at the ‘A Morning with Google+’ event, Vic Gundotra announced a host of updates for the Hangouts app. These new features include SMS integration, location sharing, GIF support and HD quality video chat among others.

Gundotra revealed that they have been listening to feedback from users and hence are introducing one of the most requested features— SMS integration. Though he didn’t go into the details of how it would work, we guess it could function similar to how iMessage works on the iOS platform. The location sharing feature, as the name suggests, lets one share his/her current location via Google Maps. The GIF support is pretty self-explanatory.

Broadcasters too have been given more power and now they can not only send invites to events, but also promote them on the landing page and control the conversations on that event page.

Video Hangouts on the platform too benefits from the update with new features like HD quality video and Google’s Auto Awesome feature that lets users alter the chat window and add effects like blurry background, focus and more. The app also automatically fixes and enhances webcam lighting.

Google said that they have slowly started rolling out the updates and it should soon arrive on everyone’s iPhones and Android smartphones.