Google has not submitted Maps app for iOS: Eric Schmidt

Google’s executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt told Reuters that his company had not submitted a Google Maps app for iOS at an event in Tokyo, Japan. Previously, rumors were perpetuated by Apple watcher 9to5Mac that Google had submitted the app and was waiting for approval from Apple.

Schmidt was present at the launch of the Nexus 7 tablet in Tokyo. He further reiterated that Google was in talks with Apple. Ever since Apple dropped Google Maps as the stock map backend for iOS, in lieu of its own new solution there has been a great uproar as consumers and tech pundits in unison believe that Apple’s new map app is inferior to the Google maps app it replaces.

Apple of course lags behind Google in this space and is relative newcomer, while Google’s service is considered amongst the best in world which has been continually evolving with the influx data provided by millions of users iOS and Android smartphones.


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