Google image search becomes faster and more reliable

Google announced that it has enhanced the image search engine on Google Images for faster browsing of photographs that are closer to the users query. The update will also let you view image information while you looking for illustrations, graphics and photos.

The update will give you some information when you take your curser on the photograph and even more information will come up when you click on the image.

The new layout will show a large central image with its information surrounded by smaller thumbnails of more images, which will cut down the amount of time one takes to navigate through multiple images.

Now the metadata of the image will be displayed right below the image in the search results instead of the current system that takes users to another page.

The most important information will be displayed with the image, i.e. the title of the image, domain name from where it is coming from and the size of the image.

The domain name will be clickable now so that you can visit the domain and browse through the site. The source page will not load in a ‘iframe’ behind the image; this will increase speed and will reduce the load on the servers of the source website ultimately improving accuracy of the Webmaster metrics.

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