Google introduces new Gmail app for iOS, takes cues from Google+

Google has released the version 2.0 of its Gmail app for iOS, which indeed does have a stark alignment with the UI of the Google+ and Chrome apps. This is a massive upgrade in purely terms of features and UI design and takes a giant leap further from the previous Gmail app that was universally dissed.

Perhaps the biggest addition to the app is support for multiple accounts just like the Android app. This is important because many people have multiple Gmail accounts and in some cases a user could have a personal Gmail account and a corporate Gmail ID. Users can have up to five accounts setup, but there is no unified inbox feature, like the one Sparrow has. But since the Android app has never had that feature, it was always inevitable that this would be missing from the iOS variant. Perhaps the Gmail team does not think this feature is important enough or maybe when people from Sparrow start applying their trade on Gmail we might see this feature come in.

As with most new apps released in the app store, Gmail 2.0 supports the 4-inch Retina Display on the iPhone 5. Besides this Gmail 2.0 plays well with other Google services like Google Calendar and Google+ as users can directly reply to a Calendar invite or reply back to a Google+ notification from the app. Additionally, the notifications for Gmail are enabled for the iOS lock screen so this app comes in handy even more than before.

There are some odd annoyances, like while scrolling the Emails are cached, but then when one goes back the cache disappears. Additionally, there is no proper way of scrolling between mails if one has an Email open.

On the whole, Gmail 2.0 is a dramatic improvement over the previous Gmail client for iOS, but the fact remains that it is still a step behind the stock Email app on iOS and even Sparrow. That said, now that Sparrow is a part of Google we can expect more improvements to the Gmail client over the coming months.

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