Google I/O 2014 live blog


Google’s annual I/O developer’s conference kicks off tonight at 09:30PM IST in Mountain View, California. The search giant is expected to unveil a host of stuff at tonight’s event starting with the next iteration of Android, reportedly called Android 5.0 Lollipop. We are also expecting the company to take the wraps off other things like Android Wear, Android TV set-top boxes, and the HTC-built Nexus 9 among others. Hit the break below and enjoy BGR India‘s live coverage.

12:10AM: Rajat Agrawal

And that’s a wrap! Our coverage continues.

12:09AM: Rajat Agrawal

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12

12:07AM: Rajat Agrawal

If you have carrier billing enabled on your Android smartphone, you’d be able to use it for your tablet as well, even if it is Wi-Fi only.

12:06AM: Rajat Agrawal

Game developers can initiate Quests to push gamers to achieve certain levels on any particular day.

12:05AM: Rajat Agrawal

New game profile. Changes with the games you play and your progress.

12:04AM: Rajat Agrawal

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.03.53 am

12:03AM: Rajat Agrawal

Nike will open Nike Fuel to Google Fit. So third-party apps can use data from there.

12:02AM: Rajat Agrawal

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.01.08 amGoogle Fit Platform announced. Cross-platform, can work with devices across platforms and wearables. Pretty close to Apple’s HealthKit.

12:01AM: Rajat Agrawal

Appurify team is joining Google, offers app testing cloud-based service. Offers not only testing on different devices but also on carrier networks and network strength. Available as a freemium service to test apps both on iOS and Android.

11:58PM: Rajat Agrawal

Google Play announcement time.

11:57PM: Rajat Agrawal

This is turning out to be more painful to watch than the latest Transformers flick.

11:55PM: Rajat Agrawal

There’s pin drop silence right now. I almost want to become a protestor right now.

11:53PM: Rajat Agrawal

Eric Schmidt is on the stage demonstrating data analysis tool. Nope, it ain’t THAT Eric Schmidt. False alarm! Imagine being the other Eric Schmidt at Googleplex.

11:50PM: Rajat Agrawal

Now changing topics from coding to data and analytics.

11:48PM: Rajat Agrawal

We have crossed the two hour mark of this keynote.

11:48PM: Rajat Agrawal

We understand this is a developer’s event, but wonder if all the cloud service app development necessary to be included in a keynote that a million people are reportedly watching?

11:40PM: Rajat Agrawal

Yet another protestor! “Google builds machines that kills people. Worse than CIA,” he shouts.

11:32PM: Rajat Agrawal

Why can’t Google call it monthly active users? 30-day active users doesn’t roll off the tongue.

11:31PM: Rajat Agrawal

Google is offering unlimited Drive storage for $10 per user per month for companies!

11:30PM: Rajat Agrawal

Google Drive has over 190 million 30-day active users. These are not registered users.

11:29PM: Rajat Agrawal

After editing documents, the file will be saved as the same Microsoft Office file format by default. You can also save it as a Google Docs file.

11:28PM: Rajat Agrawal

Google Slides for Android announced. Microsoft Office files will work seamlessly with Google Docs. Native Office editing will be built into Google Docs. This has been made possible with Google’s acquisition of QuickOffice.

11:27PM: Rajat Agrawal

Finally, talking about bringing data separation between work and personal data for enterprise customers. This will be available on Android L. Google will also bring this as an app for devices running on older versions. Samsung will be bringing Knox to Android for Work.

11:25PM: Rajat Agrawal

Android and Chrome coming together. That’s the big theme for tonight.

11:23PM: Rajat Agrawal

Pichai is talking about bringing popular Android apps on Chromebooks. Still early days but he will show a preview anyway with Evernote.

11:22PM: Rajat Agrawal

Your smartphone will unlock your Chromebook when it is nearby. Incoming call notifications, text messages on Chromebook. It will also show phone battery low warning on the Chromebook. Seems similar to Apple’s Continuity.

11:20PM: Rajat Agrawal

Chromebooks are available from 8 OEMs, 15 devices in 28 countries today. “All 10 of the highest rated laptops on Amazon are all Chromebooks,” Sundar Pichai.

11:19PM: Rajat Agrawal

Chromebooks time.

11:19PM: Rajat Agrawal

This feature will be available on select Android smartphones over the coming weeks. Needs a Google Play Services update.

11:17PM: Rajat Agrawal

Chrome Cast will now enable users to mirror their Android smartphone on their TV. This is nice.

11:13PM: Rajat Agrawal

New feature will enable users to cast their device on a TV even when it is not on the same Wi-Fi network.

11:11PM: Rajat Agrawal

Users can find find Chrome Cast compatible apps from

11:10PM: Rajat Agrawal

Chrome Cast time! Google has sold millions of them and usage has increased 40 percent since launch. Rishi Chandra is talking about creating an ecosystem for Chrome Cast.

11:09PM: Rajat Agrawal

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.07.42 pmLot of hardware support for Android TV, but no major device launch today.

11:07PM: Rajat Agrawal

It will have its own app store, which will host apps tailored for TV.

11:06PM: Rajat Agrawal

Android TV supports full Google Cast support, so you can use it as a Chrome Cast.

11:05PM: Rajat Agrawal

Games! You can connect a gaming controller and play multi-player games with friends irrespective of what device they are on.

11:03PM: Rajat Agrawal

You can also use your Android Wear smartwatch as a d-pad to control Android TV.

11:02PM: Rajat Agrawal

Android TV shows you content recommendations, your apps and games. You can do a Google voice search and it shows the results on the TV.

11:01PM: Rajat Agrawal

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.00.17 pm

10:59PM: Rajat Agrawal

A lot of functionality will be voice activated. Can be used via a d-pad, gaming controller or just an app on the smartphone.

10:58PM: Rajat Agrawal

Android TV is not a different platform as such. One Android SDK for all form factors.

10:57PM: Rajat Agrawal

And now it is Android TV time!

10:55PM: Rajat Agrawal

Google just announced the Android Auto SDK. Full set of APIs for audio and messaging services.

10:52PM: Rajat Agrawal

Google Maps comes to Android Auto. Completely voice enabled.

10:51PM: Rajat Agrawal

Connect your Android smartphone and it casts its Android Auto UI into the compatible in-car console’s display.

10:49PM: Rajat Agrawal

Android Auto announced. Completely voice enabled so you can continue driving without getting distracted.

10:48PM: Rajat Agrawal

Motorola Moto 360 will be available later in summer.

10:47PM: Rajat Agrawal

Samsung Gear Live announced. Will be available later today from the Play Store. Doubt they mean India.

10:46PM: Rajat Agrawal

The LG G Watch will be available to order later today in the Play Store.

10:43PM: Rajat Agrawal

Apps that are installed on the phone don’t have to be re-installed on the smartwatch. If an app is compatible, it will automatically install the wearable version when an Android Wear device is connected with the phone.

10:41PM: Rajat Agrawal

The full Android Wear SDK is going to be available from today onwards.

10:38PM: Rajat Agrawal

The LG G Watch comes with a heart rate sensor as well.

10:36PM: Rajat Agrawal

The best thing is you don’t have to say “Ok Google” to activate voice search/voice commands. Just moving the wrist towards the face activates the display and “Ok Google” command as well or so it seems from this demo.

10:34PM: Rajat Agrawal

You can add a voice reminder on the smartwatch and it gets added to the phone automatically. Ditto for voice notes.

10:33PM: Rajat Agrawal

Android Wear will have a card interface that will enable users to swipe up and down to shuffle between cards. It will support Google Now cards, apps running on the phone and apps built for the smartwatch. Users can flick a card to the side to remove any card.

10:31PM: Rajat Agrawal

On an average, people check their Android phones over 125 times a day. Android Wear will reduce that.

10:30PM: Rajat Agrawal

Style is important so Android Wear will support both circular and rectangular screens.

10:29PM: Rajat Agrawal

Android Wear time!

10:29PM: Rajat Agrawal

With Android L everything will be contextually available. Bringing the right information at the right time. Things will be voice enabled. Experience to be seamless irrespective of the device, you should be able to pick up from where you left off.

10:27PM: Rajat Agrawal

Android L will bring factory reset security to protect data if the device is stolen. Also privacy dashboard.

10:26PM: Rajat Agrawal

Pichai takes a shot at Tim Cook again. Talks about not vertically integrating but taking it to a much larger scale. Says widgets and third-party keyboards have been around on Android for 4-5 years. Google Play Services are updated every six weeks. Says 93 percent of all Android users across versions are on the latest Google Play Services.

10:24PM: Rajat Agrawal

Early images of Android L release would be available later today for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. This is the biggest release ever with over 5,000 new APIs, new design and new features.

10:23PM: Rajat Agrawal

There is a battery saver in Android L release by default. Can be pre-set automatically or turned on manually. Can provide up to 90 minutes of additional usage in the Nexus 5.

10:22PM: Rajat Agrawal

There seems to be a protestor in the house.

10:21PM: Rajat Agrawal

Project Volta announced. Will bring battery performance improvement in Android L.

10:20PM: Rajat Agrawal

New tablets and smartphones releasing later this fall will have PC-level graphics performance or so is being claimed.

10:17PM: Rajat Agrawal

ART will also help better memory management. It is 64-bit architecture compatible.

10:16PM: Rajat Agrawal

As expected, the Android L release will exclusively use ART runtime. This will give users better battery performance, two times performance improvement over Dalvik. Google will automatically update existing apps for developers.

10:14PM: Rajat Agrawal

Google search results will now also suggests apps from which you accessed it on your phone. This API will be available to third-party app developers as well.

10:13PM: Rajat Agrawal

In case a Google search result link has an Android app that you already have installed on your device, the link will open in the app directly. This was earlier available to select apps but Google is now opening it up to all users.

10:11PM: Rajat Agrawal

Third-party apps can also use this feature on their apps.

10:11PM: Rajat Agrawal

Individual Chrome Tabs will be available as separate entities in the multitasking menu.

10:10PM: Rajat Agrawal

Multitasking UI in Android has been changed. Now it is cards arranged like a rolodex.

10:08PM: Rajat Agrawal

Even Chrome will feature Material Design.

10:07PM: Rajat Agrawal

There are 300 million Chrome browser users on Android. A 10X increase since last year.

10:07PM: Rajat Agrawal

Google is doing away with pattern unlock. Now the phone can be unlocked if it knows it is in a trusted environment. The user wearing a smartwatch is enough for the phone to know it is in the right hand. It won’t give a prompt for pattern unlock.

10:05PM: Rajat Agrawal

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.03.10 pmLoads of interactive notifications on the lock screen. It also has what is being called “heads up” notifications that lets you continue working on the app you are in.

10:02PM: Rajat Agrawal

A demo for the dialler. Lot of animations and effects. Looks slick.

10:00PM: Rajat Agrawal

There is a preview of the new design available at

9:58PM: Rajat Agrawal

Must say, Android L preview does look pretty.

9:57PM: Rajat Agrawal

A sneak peek at the new Gmail with Material Design.

9:57PM: Rajat Agrawal

Google is also providing rich touch feedback for animations.

9:56PM: Rajat Agrawal

A new feature called Palette which will allow app developers to take colors from photos that can be applied to the UI.

9:55PM: Rajat Agrawal

App developers will be able to specify an elevation value for depth and real-time shadows.

9:54PM: Rajat Agrawal

The new design is called Material Design that takes inspiration from paper and ink.

9:53PM: Rajat Agrawal

Matias Duarte, head of design at Google on stage. Talking about what we know as Quantum Paper. Same UI across smartphones, tablets and desktops.

9:52PM: Rajat Agrawal

Android L release time! Please it not be Lollipop. One of the most comprehensive releases, over 5,000 new APIs. Not just for mobile but form-factors beyond smartphones. Fresh, bold design.

9:50PM: Rajat Agrawal

Micromax will be the first partner for Android One. Costs less than $100, 4.5-inch display, dual-SIM and FM radio. Apart from Micromax, Karbonn and Spice will be the other two partners. Google will also tie up with carriers for these devices.

9:49PM: Rajat Agrawal

Android One announced. For emerging markets including India. Essentially a reference design for high-quality affordable smartphones. Software on Android One will be stock Android. In addition, from Google Play, Google will let vendors to pre-install app. Automatic software updates just like Nexus devices.

9:48PM: Rajat Agrawal

Android tablets accounted for 46% of overall market at last year’s I/O, 62% of all tablet shipments now. App installs on tablets are up by 200%. Pichai is countering Cook’s oft used statement that people don’t use Android tablets.

9:45PM: Rajat Agrawal

Instead of cumulative users, Google will now start using 30-day active users for Android metrics.

9:45PM: Rajat Agrawal

Pichai announces there are more than 1 billion 30-day active users, who take 93 million selfies everyday.

9:43PM: Rajat Agrawal

Announcements will be around Android and Chrome. Mostly about mobile.

9:43PM: Rajat Agrawal

Over 20 percent female participation at I/O this year, over 1,000 women in the room.

9:41PM: Rajat Agrawal

Pichai says there are over 1 million people who are watching the live stream. Viewing parties in 85 countries, 595 cities.

9:41PM: Rajat Agrawal

Sundar Pichai takes the stage. It is his show… Senior Vice President Android, Chrome and apps.

9:39PM: Rajat Agrawal

FWIW, Flappy Bird makes an appearance in the intro video.

9:38PM: Rajat Agrawal

And it’s time! Hang on tight!

9:32PM: Rajat Agrawal

Seems things are running a wee bit behind schedule. The counter suggests another six minutes to go. Enough time for any last minute breaks.

9:29PM: Rajat Agrawal

Just about a minute to go, assuming there are no unexpected delays.

9:26PM: Rajat Agrawal

Who else is at Google I/O? Samsung’s Pranav Mistry!


9:24PM: Rajat Agrawal

Former Google VP and face of Android, Hugo Barra has been spotted at Google I/O. He’s now in charge of Xiaomi’s international expansion. Highly unlikely he’ll be on stage tonight. BTW, Xiaomi is launching in India pretty soon.

9:20PM: Rajat Agrawal

Tonight we will also get to see Android Wear smartwatches in action. LG and Motorola have already unveiled theirs but we haven’t seen much of them either. Samsung could also launch its own Android Wear smartwatch. We are eagerly waiting to see how much the Motorola Moto 360 costs, that’s the sexiest smartwatch of them all. Though this one comes pretty close.

9:15PM: Rajat Agrawal

Google typically releases a new Android version in fall but they are changing the timeline this year to enable its hardware partners to have smartphones and tablets running on the latest version of Android before the Holiday season beings. Logical, just wondering what took them so long to realize this.

9:12PM: Rajat Agrawal

Google is almost certainly unveiling Android 5.0 tonight. We are hearing reports that the ‘L’ release might be called Android Lollipop. Google, say it isn’t so. Pretty please.

9:07PM: Rajat Agrawal

The keynote starts in under 25 minutes from now and we are expecting this year’s I/O to be the biggest and best ever. Here’s the rumor roundup of what we expect Google will announce today.

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