Google is reportedly getting its own Beats Music by buying music streaming service Songza for $15 million


Looks like Google is buying its own Beats Music without the hardware business. The search giant is reportedly buying music streaming and playlist recommendation service Songza for $15 million. The 6-year-old service has 5.5 million users, the New York Post reports.

Google is reportedly bidding for Songza among other suitors and the final figure might be worth more than $15 million. Songza competes with Pandora and Spotify, each of which have a valuation of $4 billion and $5 billion respectively.

Google has its own Google Music All Access service that it provides for $9.99 a month in some markets, however, a music recommendation and automatic playlist creator app would go a long way from the barebone music listening experience Google currently provides.

Rather than recommending music on the basis of artists or song genres the user listens to, Songza recommends playlists on the basis of time of the day and the activity the user wants to do.

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