Google Keep update adds location-based reminders and deeper Google Now integration

Keep, Google’s answer to the popular Evernote, seems to be slowly growing in stature. The search giant has given it a big update, which introduces new features like location and time-based reminders and also further deepens the integration with Google Now.

To set these alerts, click on the ‘Remind Me’ button at the bottom of the note and select the kind of reminder you want. Besides the time-based alerts, if you select the location-based alert, the moment you step into that grocery store, Keep will remind you to buy your box of cereals. Google has also added snooze functionality for the reminders.

An improved navigation drawer makes accessing your notes and switching between accounts easy. So if you have separate accounts for work and personal reminders, you can easily access either of them. Further improvements include the ability to add existing photos on your Android device to Keep.

As with most updates, Google is steadily rolling it out to users around the world, so don’t worry if you can’t update yours yet.

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