Google launches One Today Android app to make donating to charities easier

For those looking to donate money to charities, it can sometimes be a little daunting to search for an NGO of your choice as there is no central place to find them all. Google has stepped in to change that by announcing the One Today, an Android app that lets users donate $1 to various causes every day.

Google has listed a number of charities for you to choose from, right from Save the Cheetah, Free education to all to tree planting in Ecuador. NGOs can register with Google and every day it will highlight a different charity on its homepage. For now the app only allows the donation of $1 per day, but soon it will also allow those who donate a dollar to invite their friends to donate more so that the organization can raise more money.

The app is currently in a limited pilot version and hence only can be accessed through an invitation. It is also only available to Android users in the US, but in the future the app is expected to be available in other countries as well as other platforms like BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phone. For more information, you can head over to the One Today website.

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