Google launches YouTube Capture app for iPhone and iPod touch

Google has released an app called YouTube Capture for the iPhone and the iPod touch. It is essentially a video capturing app that allows the user to capture and edit videos on the fly and share them with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ after they have been uploaded to YouTube.

Google makes a big deal about speed and convenience of the app and after using it for few minutes there is no denying the fact. The one major downside to the app is that YouTube uploads are restricted to 720p. As far as editing features are concerned, it allows the user to trim video, color correct, add Google soundtracks and also add image stabilization.

It even features a landscape lock mode allowing users to avoid portrait videos, that Google calls ‘a blight’. The app can access the camera roll so users can upload previously shot videos as well. But if a user has shot a video using capture, the app automatically starts uploading the video to YouTube as soon as the shot has been completed.

This comes after only recently Google released the Google Maps app and YouTube apps for iOS, and it certainly seems like the company has cracked mobile apps, as even Capture looks like a fluid and well designed app, like its recent releases. Surprisingly Google has launched this app on iOS first and not Android.

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